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August 16, 2013's top stories on learning, carefully selected by the NLT Team 1. High scores for college credit: the value of online competency-based exams. Full story from Education News 2. Crowd-sourcing education creates a change in culture. ...
August 15, 2013's top stories on learning, carefully selected by the NLT Team 1. Stanford & MIT lead the networked learning charge. Full story from PBS 2. Is a well-rounded education a waste of time?
A friend of mine just launched this app--Flonation--which I figured I'd share here since it's fairly educational and definitely adds to the hip-hop + education tools out there. It's a video-app that automatically feeds you rhymes over a beat (the app comes with beats but you can also upload your own), which you use to record a flo/freestyle. The videos are shared in an instagram style video feed in the app, so you can view and sort other people's flos. There are different levels depending on your skill/experience writing and rapping.
6 years ago
[caption id="attachment_1468" align="aligncenter" width="800" caption="Woman walking, Mountain Peaks and Crags in background, St. Moritz, Switzerland"][/caption]
August 14, 2013's top stories on learning, carefully selected by the NLT Team 1. A school where kids learn entrepreneurship and launch businesses by 8th grade. Full story from EdSurge 2. Atlanta improves graduation rates with a virtual academy.
Harlem Children Zone (HCZ) is a nonprofit organization founded during the 1990s. The goal of the organization is to teach and provide strength to inner city students so that they may have the tools needed to excel in college and beyond. HCZ advocate and address social problems in Harlem such as gang violence, poverty and health. Academically, 97% of TRUCE students graduated High School and 100% of students were accepted to college. HCZ allows students to have a voice in the community with the help of media based themes. Its students are able to write articles that discuss anything involved...
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This is so well-done and serious food for thought.
6 years ago
The grad program I attended, ITP, is a great place that's earned a fair amount of recognition for the work done by its graduates -- though more commonly for projects produced after they leave, and not for projects that were done while they were at ITP. The most notable exception up until now was Foursquare, which Dennis Crowley began building while at ITP and which was bought by Google shortly after he graduated. Well, today I was happy to discover that there's finally another such ITP s...
6 years ago
Here's is a demonstration of someone tapping into a maple tree. [caption id="attachment_1465" align="alignnone" width="630" caption="Maple tree"][/caption]