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13 years ago
The conference that Anthony and I attended this week in Baltimore, MA was about the open-source software project/product called Sakai. Sakai is the open-source equivalent of Blackboard or Web CT. It is an enterprise-level course platform. Anthony and I were hoping that we might be able to leverage the work of the Sakai project so that it might function as a foundation for our future work on SocialScholar and Pathways Learning. We have concluded that this is not possible. It turns out that while Sakai goes to great lengths to offer flexibility, that flexibility is constrained within ...
13 years ago
Interesting -- Chicago prepares to spend $42 million in defense of browsing and scholarly serendipity (
13 years ago
Anthony and I had a chance to view this Nightline segment at one of our Sakai sessions today. Please take a look, as we both think that the methods used by the IDEO group would be useful if applied in EdLab. Sorry the size of the video is so small.
Very cool system for doing peer review (comments, annotations, etc.): For an example, see this CNN example (try highlighting text and viewing other people's comments).
Miller's "Is Persuasion Dead?" op-ed in the New York Times (although a bit overstated?) caputured a worry from some recent conversations around these library haunts. One can substitute a few words here and there and it's about the role of education on habits of mind in general, and not just politics.
Wired is running an article on this free Concept mapping software available for download. I am interested in this software as a way of looking at the interface for the Pathways distance learning project.
My very short review of Steven Johnson's new book: Also, I'm checking the book back into circulation if anyone wants to read it- it should be on the shelf soon: Educat Record
I've talked with Anthony about this a little bit... We need to share photo content better. So, there should definitely be photo archives, and they should probably be in the same location as the Art Collections (except they will not be made public). However, before this happens, there are some details to be ironed out. The goal will be to have one collection (such as "Media Group Images") hold many groups of photos... this way we wont have an out-of-control list of "collections." How about the following:
13 years ago
Is there a way, using this Drupal software, to do the following:See all new comments in one place?receive an email alert when a new blog entry has been posted?receive an email alert when a comment has been made on a blog entry you authored?
- Changes all medium sized images to 400px in width (from 600px in width; 600px was too large for low-resolution screens) - Created a medium-large image which is 800px in width (for zooming-in) - Change left bar opacity to 20% when viewing image gallery - Make thumbnails on splash screen right justified - Make “Delete this Collectionâ€? only available to super-users