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7 months ago
Hi Everyone!My name is Anna and I am a newly hired graduate assistant in research. I am part of the Development and Research group. I am also enrolled in the Learning Analytics MS program as a part-time student this semester. I took a Networked and Online Learning course in the Fall 2018 semester, which familiarized me with the EdLab and introduced some of its team members. Some of the projects that I will be working on at EdLab include analyzing Docdel dat...
7 months ago
While gathering some resources for our forthcoming library design event, I came across an audio resource that provides sounds from several reading rooms of the Bodleian Library at Oxford.
7 months ago
Check this article from The Economist and see how technology changes education in poor countries. What's the role of the educator with the help of new technology? Some highlights:Research by Justin Sandefur of the Centre for Global Development shows that teachers in poor countries tend to be remarkably well-paid, by local standards. Evidence from countries as diverse as Indonesia and Pakistan suggests that teache...
This American Life recently produced a podcast on libraries! The official title is "The Room of Requirement" - and yes, that's a HP reference.  The podcast highlights a variety of library spaces around the country and reminds us of the library's dynamic purpose. All the stories are pretty heartwarming and inspiring, which is very in-brand for This American Life but feels worth noting...
With an upcoming EdLab Seminar devoted to our history and future, it is useful to think about our workplace culture. This recent article in Quartz provides an example of elements of workplace culture a...
This TechCrunch piece explains that the New York Times has added a set of Alexa skills to bring its content to readers via voice control. Interested in learning how to build skills? Check out the growing list of
7 months ago
According to a recent New York Times article, the answer is yes! "52 Places to Go in 2019" was published on January 9th, 2019 ranking Calgary, Alberta in Canada as number 20--not for its annual Stampede or reputed arts and culture scene but for its library. The Calgary Central Library's redesign was completed in November of 2018 for no less than $245 million CAN and apparently is enough of a reason to dust of the ol' passport and take a trip across the border. Could the Gottesman Libraries one day be enough t...
7 months ago
Happy belated birthday, DBRead more here
Inspired by the conversation my group had during the DnR about Montessori schools and self-directed learning, I found myself looking through a set of YouTube videos from this one school called the Bowman School in Palo Alto. The Montessori method is typically pretty against utilizing digital technology for learning, and the Bowman School is no different. However, as it's in the heart of Silicon Valley, of course it includes coding in the curriculum, starting from Kindergarten. There have been articles we've posted in High 5 over the years about how Silicon Valley parents and tech moguls
Refugee students face a lot of problems. They have to deal with a new environment, language, and way of teaching and learning. Jordan, already home to over a million refugees from Palestine, has had to deal with another set of refugees from the conflict in Syria and other regions such as Chechnya. Through aid from other nations, Jordan has been able to provide adequate needs and services to refugee students and their families. However, that is all set to