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5 months ago
The Institute for Self-Directed Learning Self-Directed Learning by Stephen D. BrookfieldSelf-Directed Learning Revisited: A Process Perspective (starts on page 53) by Virginia B. RicardPle...
As we consider development of a new platform for the archives it is useful to consider some forward leaning examples.One such example is the National Archives of the UAE  In addition to managing the physical archives shown above and an archives exhibit center, the National Archives of the UAE also offer a
Take a look at the total environment created for a wedding celebration:There are a number of stagecraft techniques used in creating this environment that are intriguing but the ones that caught my attention and described in the accompanying article are: 
5 months ago
From interactive art exhibitions to Learning Theater set design, our design team adds a magical touch to everything we do here at EdLab! If their tales of frog tape, Shia Labeaof, and calipers intrigue you, we invite you to take a deeper dive into their work on Rhizr.  What’s been one of the most memorable design challenges that you’ve faced here at EdLab?
5 months ago
Parents of young children often hear tricky questions: “Why does rain come down instead of up?” “Why can’t the dog jump in the tree like the cat can?” “Why does the ball bounce?” These questions, shared by parents in a national study focused on early science learning, are born of children’s innate curiosity about the inner workings of their environment. They provide tremendous opportunities for children to build a foundational understanding of science concepts and inquiry, and a base from which to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
A piece in TechCrunch provides an overview of the transition to experiential commerce. It highlights not only the rise of experience in retail, but also the growth of the infrastructure for online commerce that is absorbing basic transactions formerly handled face-to-face. What do the growth of rich experiences as introductions to resources and o...
5 months ago
Welcome to the beginning of the end (of the week)!As part of an effort to highlight our culture, individual achievements, and charmingly quirky brand of humor, I will be posting "EdLabber Spotlights" over the coming weeks. Each will be centered on a different EdLab work group. To start us off: Hi, Publishing Team :) What edtech trend most thrills/terrifies you? 
AI is a term sometimes thrown around willy-nilly as an all-encompassing descriptor for any bot with a face. According to this 2016 White House report on AI, the definition of artificial intelligence has shifted over time, and it will likely continue to change as technology advances. My guess is that this has contributed to disconnect between public versus industry construct...
5 months ago
Seahorses, holographic sandboxes, plankton!This week I previewed the Oceans Unseen exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History (opens March 12th). It's dark, atmospheric, media-rich, and might generate a few bright ideas for anyone working on the Deep Sea event with Hollingworth in the LT.The exhibit opens with overhead projec...
6 months ago
"Title IX was a breakthrough, but it is flawed." says British academic and Professor of Humanities, Jacqueline Rose:"Legal critics have claimed it abuses ‘due process’ by acting as a court of law while neglecting protections such as the right to an attorney, or full advance not...