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15 days ago
Education is the future. It seems I’ve been hearing this phrase from my parents, coaches, and teachers since I was born. Just like everything that has a future, education also has a price. How much are parents willing to pay for their child’s schooling? In the U.S., most parents often say they “saving for college” when it comes to spending money on their child’s education. According to an 
We have been exploring the possibilities of creating lighting scenarios that are more natural than the typical indoor lighting patterns available in most places. A particularly appealing option is something that approximates the lighting pattern on a forest floor on a sunny day where the sunlight is filtered through various layers of tree branches and leaves.  A new product, 
You may have noticed that some carpet samples have started to appear on the 5th floor. This is the beginning of an experiment in which we will re-carpet several 5th floor spaces to try out some new carpet ideas for the coming re-carpeting of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors.  One of our ideas is to use a carpet product that enhances the overall feel of the library by taking advantage of new thinking about biophylic design, that is, design that con...
15 days ago
Now that we have covered "Good" - If you are truly wondering how to become great at something, take a lesson from Tom Brady who is spending his summer working with his receivers.
Check out the EdLab TwitterRelated Works1. Using Graph-based Modelling to explore changes in students' affective states during exploratory learning tasks
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17 days ago
My interest in 3-D printing was peaked when I worked with Alvaro to create hooks for the Quuppa system several months ago.  3-D printers have designs that are manually programmed into the printer. Each finished design is manually removed before starting a new print, which consumes some time. Schools and businesses usually have a trained person that handles all prints. This can be very expensive.  Is 3-D printing therefore a cheaper alternative? New Valence Robotics