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Library Blog
Anthony and Hui Soo have made some progess in recent days in making some necessary chnages to the Library's home page. I would like to use this forum to solicit suggestions as to how we might undertake a larger, more comprehensive re-design. Last night I had a chance to speak with some TC students and their reaction to the librray site was that the current design made it was difficult to find the catlogs and databases. It also seemed that they did not understand our reasoning behind the "Content Collections". They also had concerns about who was involved in picking content for the collec...
The University of Texas at Austin is ridding its undergraduate library of all its books. All 90,000 volumes will be distributed to other facilities on campus so the undergraduate library can be converted into a 24-hour technology center
Interesting article on tagging from Clay Shirky, with a thorough discussion on tags versus traditional library categorizations techniques.
fyi: the design group is preparing for a summer exhibition (may 30 - july 29) in the m.w.offit gallery. this exhibition will feature heritage high school students' work in a computer art class run by hugo ortega. the exhibition is special for a few reasons...
I've added a new feature to the Rockefeller site where you can view the Key Organizations. When you click on an organization, it shows you the documents and organization's logo. The only thing left to do is add the ability to hand pick a set of resources pertaining to a particular organization.