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Library Blog
15 years ago
I had a conversation with Ian last night about texts, pictures, cartoons, comics and movies. Ian is fascinated about cartoons and comics. He thinks that using them is a very good way to teach kids foreign (second) languages. Ian indicated that cartoons and comics help kids learn both the foreign language and the nuances of the language (with the exaggerated facial expressions and gestures). I was pleased to hear this because it supported my eager search for comic books (e.g., Garfield) in Spanish in order to help my son learn Spanish. [Ian also made the comment about why the facial features of...
An article in October 05 Educause Review discusses Institutional Repositories. It mentions the lack of faculty motivation, and some strategies for dealing with it (call it a personal repository rather than an institutional repository). I will attempt to address all of the mentioned issues in the design document (coming soon), as well as some of cultural movements in the use of the web (this relates to the literature discussing Web 2.0).
15 years ago
Apparently, people outside of edLab have been trying to revolutionize inefficient teaching practices and anachronistic materials for some time. (Yeah–I missed the memo too.) Some radical members of the rank-and-file have opted to use primary source collections, interdisciplinary texts, and discovery-based technology guides in lieu of traditional, board-approved material. I have heard first-hand (or read about on a seedy website) about the following tools being used in classrooms. Bear in mind that each one was used as the exclusive “knowledge compendiumâ€?, and all assignments and suppleme...
Below are some of the "pet projects" that I am currently thinking about that I can work on at the EdLab. Please let me know your honest thoughts about this, as I encourage your comments. 1 + Increasing International Consulting Services in the EdLab This would involve working with Hui Soo to focus on consulting with international educational organizations in creating solutions for connecting with each other easily (virtually). Upon graduating from TC, I am possibly looking to go into International Educational Consulting, so this would provide a win-win situation for TC, the EdLab and my...
Thank you Hui Soo, Lin, and Brian H/K for all your help setting up the revised workspace (and thank you Dan for your patience while we get the space working correctly)!
Take a look at Facebook, a site for networking among college and high school students.
I think this is a good illustration of the conceptual underpinnings of Web 2.0 (aka the next-gen web).
15 years ago
Stemming from an earlier discussion with Erica Boling, I believe that we are right to question the efficacy of current educational material, and more specifically, the efficacy of textbooks. We referred to a comment previously raised regarding the poor attempt of textbooks to cite authors–and how absurd it is to expect our students to learn citation and academic etiquette from such prevalent examples. (I cannot remember exactly who said it; all I can attest is that he or she was older than 50. Discuss among yourselves.) Why is it so absurd that many students feel citation is so… passé an...
For the Social Software class I am taking this term, one of the things we have to do is contribute links to this CCTE Distributed Research database. Some of the contributions are interesting (it would take hours to go through all the links). One of the recent additions was this website called What Should I Read Next, which is a book recommendation system (somewhat like Amazon, but less comercial feeling).
I've added a feature to the library website where you can create E-Collaboration spaces separate from your room reservation. You can access the link off the Library homepage. I've also changed the setup of how Moodle spaces work (from Topics format to Social format), which I think will make make it easier to use. Spaces that you create here are also available-for-reuse when you book a room.