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The attachment below contains all the quotes on education that were afixed to the fortune cookies. Thanks to Suzanne and Christine for taking out of their day to help prepare the materials/snacks.
Here's a page that has some info of Prof. Renee Cherow-O'Leary's "Peer Review" Project and some interview clips: Here's the interview on "Barry Rosen discusses The Afghan Education Project with Professor Renee Cherow-O'Leary"[Quicktime] (or access it at Lin
15 years ago
In the TCR meeting yesterday, we discussed the possibility of using Podcasts and author interviews on our site. Princeton University Press interviewed Harry Frankfurt about his book length, previously released, essay On Bullshit. In all, I thought the interview was interesting, and using the format seems like something we should explore in more depth.
I want to thank everyone who participated in the first edLab seminar today. I sense that this will be a very productive endeavor, as we all seem to feel to feel inspired by the daunting task of guiding education through the myriad opportunities presented by an information-rich, ever-more-connected world. I would like to thank Hui Soo for helping set the agenda for today's meeting, as well as for thinking of, and preparing, the "fortune cookie" ice breaker. Given these growing complexities, it is appropriate that Brian Carolan wil...
Everyone have a lovely week! I'll be soaking up the socialism and the gay-marriage-friendly atmosphere. I'll be back Wednesday the 27th.
This article from the BBC discusses a student design project for a cardboard university room desk and chair system that doubles as storage system. If one of our goals is to create new educational opportunities by lowering the cost of education, we need the equivalent of this for entire schools and systems.
I've put together a rough project plan for the new Collaboration Support System. Please let me know if you think I am missing something or didn't capture something we intended to include. It is much easier to incorporate changes at this stage (before implementation), rather than after, which can be difficult and error prone- so please let your comments flow.
Executive Summary: A variety of higher education institutions and corporations are currently engaged in creating products for Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Institutional Repositories. Of these products, only the Open Source products were investigated because of the overwhelming cost of most corporate products. Of these remaining, DSpace, Fedora, GNU ePrints and ETD-db were investigated for features, functionality, user in...
15 years ago
Three scholars – two of them former presidents – analyze data that suggest that female candidates may best men in a key area of college leadership. more I should add that, what attracted me in this article was this comment: " ... female presidents extend their gaze to include new ventures and risk taking in curriculum, student social programs and living arrangements, community involvement, and faculty appointment, promotion and tenure. Their attitudes, values and actions portray broader notions of how one can inspire institutio...
Because there is an ever-growing list of projects on everbody's plate, I thought I'd take a moment to assess the Media Group's workload going into the second half of the summer. Below are a list of the projects I can think of off the top of my head in no particular order...