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Last Spring was a great time to visit the Library, construction notwithstanding. Once again we were able to provide space for a ton of events. In our twelve available classrooms, 1009 patrons booked 5,933 events with enough space for 41,528 participants to get their study on for 12,369 hours. Those hours were full of 1,460 study sessions, 590 course sessions, 136 dissertation preps and defenses, 261 interviews and telecons, and 425 technology setups by our Service Team. Students once again made 57% of our room reservations by volume (thank you again, students!). This semester it w...
3 years ago
Late in the Fall last year, we added some seating to the 2nd Floor Collaboration Space to support the surge of patron activity we always count on around test time. This turned out to be very popular, and our 2nd floor is usually packed to capacity. This semester, the space got an aesthetic upgrade: out with the plain conference seating, and in with the new Matt Taylor "Node" desks. The new furniture was designed by our recent Artist-in-Residence, Matt Taylor, and was fabricated by woodworker
Last fall, the Gottesman Libraries was honored to host to a lot of events organized by our students, faculty, and staff. In total, 897 patrons booked 4,974 rooms on behalf of 26,471 participants for a total of 12,167.5 hours. Those hours were full of 1,514 study sessions, 41 tutoring meetups, 77 dissertation preps and defenses, 106 interviews, 45 conference calls, and 1 viewing of a VHS tape. Students made 57% of our room reservations (thank you, students!).
5 years ago, listening = reading. That old school program from my childhood was right, so deeply fundamentally right. Reading. Reading Is Fundamental. That's a quote from this pearl courtesy Jeff Atwood, co-founder of inquiry community Stack Exchange and bloguer extraordinaire at Coding Horror. He also built
5 years ago
Last week Digital Promise, a non-profit started by USG back in 2011 under section 802 of the Higher Education Opportunity Act, released a report titled Improving Ed-Tech Purchasing. The 25-page pamphlet is a digest of the mo...
5 years ago
In his latest article for the MIT Tech Review, Isaac Asimov has done us the favor of documenting the intent of our design sessions, although there are a few idiosyncrasies in his chronicle: 1) Sinecure: a job or position in which someone is paid to do little or no work. I was pleased to learn this word. 2) The ideation session is to synthesize knowledge participants already have, capitaliz...
5 years ago
Sensitive to the Victorian mores of the EdLab community, I thought I should point out that the walls have ears in the new version of OS X. A group of concerned netizens has put together a site called Fix MacOSX, detailing some spooky practices taken up by Tim and his posse. Interestingly, I found this out from a nice history of FLOSS darling Ubuntu recently published on ArsT...
5 years ago
Just noticed this, which is a nice intro to Vialogues (the good and the bad) from a teacher in Australia. Now I'm thinking, how many "Vialogues 101" discussions are out there? Is anyone keeping track? Please feel free to share your favorite intro vialogues in the comments!