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10 months ago
An illuminating article from the NYT profiles parents and students from a small Kansas town who have had enough of their school's reliance on the Facebook-backed educational software, Summit Learning.From the article:Many families in the Kansas towns, which have grappled with 
a year ago
No more need to worry about getting kicked in the face-- you're much more likely to get a lance to the gut now. It's Showtime NYC!, the busking dance group that's riled up subway riders for years, has moved onto a more spacious and visible platform: the Metropolitan Museum of Art.Costumed in authentic replicas of the medieval knight armor on display at the museum, the performers engage in "hip hop battles" that showcase, through movement, how these pieces may have looked during a real battle.
2 years ago
Almost a year ago, we started on a magnificent journey together. Allow me to spin you a tale of how we got here and what we’ve done since last you’ve heard from me.When the current instance of our library site was launched over 10 years ago, it was a great accomplishment. Our mission at the start of this project was to examine and evaluate our library’s current online presence. Was it still meeting our needs and the expectations of our patrons?We started with the data: What were the site’s hot spots? What were people searching? How were they searching...
The #TimesUp and #MeToo movements have served as unprecedented catalysts of bravery and self-discovery for those who have felt silenced and abandoned. While Hollywood is perhaps the most flagrant example of intolerable behavior, the severity and magnitude of accusations have begged introspection across all industries. Equality in the workplace has long been the rallying cry of women in every profession. Lately, much attention has been given to women's safety in the face of sexual harassment, but there are...
3 years ago
Or, as I call it, V-Day. It's been so long since I made one of these posts!It's been months since we first rolled up our sleeves, took out the power washer, and prepared for a super deep clean of our marquee video learning environment. Let me tell ya, things got real messy. But then they got good again. I invite you to enjoy the delicious fruits of our labor. There are way too many changes to list here, so allow me give you the highlight reel.1. Play page arrangementThe most notable changes appear on the page ...
3 years ago
Our day of reckoning has arrived. As many of you know, we have been plotting away on some big (and small) improvements to your friendly neighborhood video discussion platform. I am happy to announce that we now have a solid launch date!Get ready to mark your calendars for this Thursday, August 10. The site will be down from 9am-1pm as we push all of our changes to the site. That means if you need to access Vialogues, you better get your fix before then or be ready to wait! Thanks for your patience as we p...
3 years ago
We join this blog post already in progress...II. Site Goals and Critical TasksWrite down everything you think of, don’t worry about prioritizing. Site goals: What our organization wants our library website to accomplish
3 years ago
They say there are three sides to every story: yours, theirs, and, somewhere in the middle, the truth. This compelling video project attempts to play at all sides, letting viewers interact with different perspectives and watch 3 versions of the same story unfold at the same time. It sounds complicated (and distracting), but it's surprisingly engrossing and gets better with every rewatch. What do you think of this storytelling device?
3 years ago
I know. It’s not the most groundbreaking revelation and it almost felt insulting to use as my headline, but the fact remains that it’s easy to remember and makes a damn fine ethos: Users. Are. Learners.The onboarding process is perhaps the most crucial experience a user will have with an app. First impressions are everything and if an app leaves them feeling anything but satisfied, chances are they won’t be returning (unless they have to, but they’re not gonna have a good time). That’s why the process of educating through design is paramount to a successful experience. O...
3 years ago
If you're looking to sharpen your research skills or break into the field altogether, a good place to start might be to recognize which statistical software platforms are the most popular (and/or in demand) and therefore worth learning. By scouring data sources such as job descriptions, scholarly articles, discussion forms, and sales & downloads, statistician Robert Muenchen took the guesswork out by providing a detailed summary of data science platforms, ranked by popularity across various dimensions. The...