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With growing concerns about the use or misuse of individual data by major online companies, it is becoming more challenging than ever to eliminate such companies and their applications from everyday work online.  A recent lifehacker piece discusses strategies for reducing or eliminating reliance on Google and i...
One of the challenges of implementing AI is avoiding the creation of black boxes where processes and operations become opaque, even to AI owners, let alone clients, customers, and regulators.  This is particularly important if we are to avoid bias or the perception of bias in operations and delivery of services. In this ZDNet article, Nitzan Mekel-Bobrov, the chief of AI at Capital One, argues for what he calls "explainable" AI that can be achieved by teasing apart the inner-working...
Nike has announced the second generation of self-lacing basketball shoes and this time the price is $350 or less than half the cost of the first generation. But ......the problem is that they are still missing the essential point of the original concept as shown here:
Well, it might not be for everyone, but Honda's Sound Sitter app might be number one on the list of apps for parents of young children.  The app uses the car engine sounds from 37 different cars to lull babies to sleep.  This Honda video makes it seem too good to be true -
6 months ago
The Center for Data, Media, and Society at the Columbia Data Science Institute has issued a call for proposals to support undergraduate or graduate students to work with faculty on data projects in the humanities, broadly defined. The complete call is available on the Center website.
7 months ago
Check out this article in Fast Company on the new Nike NYC store. In addition to being a large scale showplace for Nike shoes, with the largest collection under one roof, the facility is an experiment in the relationships between physical and digital enviro...
As we work to develop approaches to environmental video for the Learning Theater is it useful to consider examples of such material used to reinforce and extend content presentations of various kinds.  With that in mind, take a look at how such environmental video is being use on the set of a new Netflix show - Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj. Notice both the custom video walls and the f...
8 months ago
As you have heard, Hui Soo and I are at the Transitions 18 Conference on next generation learning spaces.  The conference is being held at Canyon Valley High School in Phoenix.  To get things started Hui Soo sprung into action capturing photos. I took a more meta perspective in capturing the capturing process.
Check out a DSI Seminar on the COSMOS project that will bring high bandwidth, low latency wireless to our neighborhood. What new learning applications can you imagine with this new testbed? “Sense, Collect and Move Data” DSI Center Seminar
9 months ago
Are we now moving beyond home schooling to unschooling? A recent article in Reason suggests that parents who once turned to home schooling are now moving beyond that to a type of learning that avoids all of the trappings of formal schooling.  The possibilities for this unschooling approach seem to be growing. What would need to happen for this trend to accelerate?