4 months ago
As we continue to mine data to help us better understand Edlab educational apps, library services, and users/learners/patrons, it is helpful to have a conceptual understanding about various kinds of analytics and their strengths for design and decision making. I ran into this presentation “
6 months ago
I am reading James Paul Gee's book The Anti-Education Era: Creating Smarter Students through Digital Learning recentl...
7 months ago
(Photo Credit: Climate & Urban Systems Partnership)
7 months ago
Conducting educational research on learning activities that involve physical movement is challenging as it is against the dominating school culture that discourages physical movements. Thus, it is especially exciting to learn about new research on this topic at 2017 AERA.
7 months ago
I'll be presenting research team's paper on approaches to CS Teacher education at 2017 AERA. Learn more about the presentation here, and below is the abstract:
8 months ago
Here is a very interesting, newly launched online journal Distill on machine learning research. Unlike other academic journals that provide mostly and only static knowledge in texts, figures and/or visualizations, articles in this online journal aim to
a year ago
I'm attending the annual College and University Faculty Assembly Conference (an affiliate group of the National Council for the Social Studies) in Washington DC today. I am presenting a research paper "Global Education through Youth Virtual Media Production" at a panel session This paper was also published in the Journal of Research in Curriculum & Instruction earlier this year. unfortunately my session was the last one and there was a strong competing session at the same time so it didn't get as many people. The session went well with fresh perspectives on practices in global citizenship educ...
a year ago
Earlier this spring we had an EdLab Seminar on robots and their potential to be the portal for the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. Zenbo, one of the latest family robots that will be soon available on the market, presents several interesting use cases. Zenbo reminds me of Jibo, a social robot designed by MIT professor Cynthia Breazeal. From appearance, the ...
One interesting and potential application of mixed reality at Smith Learning Theater is prototyping in mixed reality at a design event. I ran into this paper on prototyping in virtual reality, and it presents several useful guidelines for planning such activities. These points are helpful as we cons...
2 years ago
I have been thinking about adding sound elements to our “lego" wall and bricks, and here is a maker project “Edlab Brick Piano” (using Makey Makey and Sratch) at the seminar space. Touch the copper tapes and start play! At level zero, the keyboard layout is the same as a regular piano. You can choose advanced levels to put keys in random orders, and challenge yourself to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars within 2 minutes at various levels. I don’t have a good timer soluti...