a month ago
Our XMA partner Debra Noumair suggested this video: A spectrum of space
2 months ago
The atmosphere of suspicion and insecurity created by the undermining of truth provides the perfect environment for President Trump’s recent actions on immigration. The American university’s future, indeed its most fundamental reason for being, is imperiled by a government that constructs walls on the Mexican border, restricts Muslim immigrants and denigrates the idea of America as a destination for refugees. Read the whole opinion piece for an interesting take on t...
6 months ago
Just sharing some ideas about what we're up to as we prepare to roll out the new "Learning Theater" service to the TC community (and beyond!): see my post over on my Pressible site, Art as Work.
9 months ago
Valerie Aurora, Mary Gardiner, and Leigh Honeywell have co-authored a great blog post "No more rock stars: how to stop abuse in tech communities". The article is aimed at the "tech community" and how it can better support women. It's also a great read on making more supportive, collaborative, creative teams. It's probably worth taking another look at Godin's Linchpin with ideas from this article, and see how it holds up against the "rock star" metaphor...
9 months ago
As part of managing Learning Theater events, I expect we will use checklists. Checklists are critical for accomplishing complex tasks efficiently and with a high degree of accuracy. But of course there are bad and good checklists. Ideally, we'd be able to not only manage personal checklists (which I rely on every day!), but shared checklists with the ability to share tasks and accurately communicate about who completed a task and when. Redbooth is an example of an online software solution that allows for this. But Redbo...
10 months ago
Fig. 1 I've been perusing marketing and customer service literature lately to reflect on the upcoming patron/learner/audience experience (PLAX??) in the theater. A takeaway I have from this reading is that a huge challenge of the theater will be feeling comfortable (as staff) with the scarcity of access the overall community will have to this new space. See Figure 1 for a meditation on scarcity! [read more]
a year ago
There's a don't-miss read in the Times about teams at work: What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team I think we aspire to build strong teams across our whole organization, but this is a great reminder about habits and indicators that will help us continue to do so... and perhaps even improve over time. Particularly salient: What Project Aristotle has taught people within Google is that no one wants to put on a ‘‘wo...
a year ago
Our latest #TCChangemaker was published this week—on Erick Gordon, a Senior Research Fellow at the Center for the Professional Education of Teachers at TC. We're producing this series for the TC Admissions Office to help create a conversation about the College's impact. Notably, several folks have talked about using these episodes as a way to introduce new students to the College—i.e., the theme of the latest LT Games!
a year ago
Have you ever wished there was only a single level of categorization on Wordpress sites? The rockers over at RNDM have nailed it: