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Today’s news includes some more stories from papers abroad as well as the US, including the abuse of migrant farm workers in Canada, a COVID-19 outbreak in Japan caused by US troops, and the mental health toll on Singaporean young adults. As always, all the stories you see here are collected from the newspaper front pages curated by
As the Summer of COVID and unrest continues, I’ve selected 5 stories of disparate outcomes among those trying to survive this nightmare. While the poor are forced to make impossible choices, the wealthy and connected continue not only to survive but prosper. It feels like stories such as these are the most important at this very moment as these events will have decades-long ramifications that we can really only speculate on at this time. As always, all stories have been taken from newspaper front pages curated by
Another day rises and we’re greeted with yet more cases of unprecedented levels of police misconduct. To accompany that, we also see continuing attempts by Republicans to dismantle the very systems that are keeping this pandemic from reaching apocalyptic proportions. Thankfully, these misdeeds are at least being recorded. Thanks again to
As the multiple crises piling up begins to feel interminable, the news unfortunately continues to be bleak. I’m just going to use this introduction to get on my soapbox and urge anyone who reads this to please remember to take care of yourself. If you find that the news is traumatizing or too draining, please disconnect to the best of your ability. As always, thanks to
Today is another day and that means more news of terrible inequality and injustice. However, today’s news also comes with stories of people bravely fighting against terrible odds to make America align a little bit more with the nation it claims to be. Thank you again to for helping to curate and highlight local ...
As 2020 continues, yet more stories of the pandemic, of inequality and lack of opportunity, and of naked corruption continue to dominate the headlines. Today’s daily news is no different. While nothing in these stories is truly unprecedented, all of the injustices we see daily feel more egregious for occurring during such a time of universal crisis. Thanks again to
The first order of business in today’s Daily News: I’m hijacking the blog briefly to wish all of my fellow nonbinary people at TC a happy Nonbinary Visibility Day. After that brief interlude, 2020 continues to be an utterly broken year. As always, all of the stories on this series are drawn from the front pages curated by
Today’s news continues to be dominated by the pandemic gripping America. Additional stories still concern the other major stories of the year: Rampant corruption and the fight for equality. All stories are drawn from the front pages curated by
Today’s daily news covers stories including gross corruption by legislators, protesters pushing for justice against a calcified system, and government mismanagement endangering its citizens. Each of the stories below is drawn from newspaper front pages curated by
Today’s stories are continuations of other stories we have covered previously on this blog, including the ongoing pandemic, the continuing battles for justice in America, and ongoing diplomatic tensions from Brexit. All stories are taken from the newspaper front pages curated by