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a month ago
I attended the 2019 Northeastern Educational Research Conference at Trumbull, CT. The conference is held at Trumbull Marriott Shelton annually. My session is titled Estimation: New Directions and Method Comparisons.My research project is about "A Hierarchical Mixed Membership Model for Multiple-Answer Multiple-Choice Items with Signal Detection Theory."
Data privacy or information privacy is a branch of data security concerned with the proper handling of data – consent, notice, and regulatory obligations. To protect data privacy, companies are now required to determine what data privacy acts and laws affect their users. For instance, we must know where the data originated (country and state), what personally identifiable information it might contain and usage methodology. The data privacy regulations include 
2 months ago
As one of the most widely and mature application domain in deep learning, computer vision can be made to gain high-level understanding from digital image. Neural style transfer is one of the application for composing images in the style of anoth...
As part of the research for Search and Recommendation System in the research team, finding an efficient, legal, and dynamic technique for obtaining the metadata of scholarly resource plays an essential role. In this blog, we will provide some useful resources about text mining for scholarly resources. Additionally, we will discuss the text mining project in EdLab.Resources that may be helpful Please check out this 
2 months ago
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly infiltrating every aspect of society. In this blog, I want to share some takeaways from applied deep learning (COMSW4995) by professor Josh Gordon.How AI can be wrong (examples from deep learning)The Echos of phrenology and
2 months ago
Article Purpose:As an educational researcher,I want to share my rethinking about how Scrum could be applied in a collaborative learning environment,so that readers have the interest to understand, explore, and use this strategy in their learning or teaching experiences.What is Scrum:
6 months ago
Hi Everyone:This is the result of the D&R testing. I am sorry that I did not come out at the first time.The main conclusion is: There is a positive effect of `` which means the recommendations from are more likely to be categorized as `good recommendation`.However, the effect is not statistically significant. This may because it is a small sample size.If you are interested about the information I provide in the D&R, feel free to check the slides and give me more feedbacks! Here...
6 months ago
10 months ago
Check this article from The Economist and see how technology changes education in poor countries. What's the role of the educator with the help of new technology? Some highlights:Research by Justin Sandefur of the Centre for Global Development shows that teachers in poor countries tend to be remarkably well-paid, by local standards. Evidence from countries as diverse as Indonesia and Pakistan suggests that teache...
a year ago
Social interactions between students are a major and under-explored part of education. Understanding how learning relationships form in undergraduate classrooms, as well as the impacts these relationships have on learning outcomes, can inform educators in unique ways and improve educational reform. Social network analysis (SNA) provides the necessary tool kit for investigating questions involving relational data. In my recent case study of Gary's class, ...