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7 years ago
Audience behavior has changed and continues to change. We need to think about the audience as makers, doers and potential collaborators.
for the entire list of his gems
A new toy from NAB 2013
It could seem outdated to publish any tutorials or "tricks" in Soundtrack since FCPX decided to phagocyte this software (alongside Color (rip)), but until FCPX will unveil its secret of sound editing here's 2 things useful to know in Soundtrack Pro: Adjust amplitude and Noise reduction.
Same idea, 7d 60fps to 24fps and 600% stretch. with soundtrack for Luke.
Test for the Rock n Roll shoot to see if (and how) we can use a slow motion effects. This was shot on the 7D at 60fps, used After Effects to stretch it 600% and used blend framing and played at 24fps. The result is okay but creates some artifacts at the end of the clip. The background is solid and that facilitates the rendering but I need to try with more complex background and camera movement to see if that will still work. The kid will potenti...
Background I know Jace Clayton through my wife, who is also a musician. Jace has been DJ-ing for over 20 years. When I interviewed him I thought it was really interesting that DJ-ing, for him, was both a personal and social activity. Jace learned how to DJ through one session with a friend and from there he practiced on his own, consistently. He developed his technique as he learned, and now he is better able to engage the social aspects of...