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Hey EdLab! Surprised to see a post from me? It's hard to imagine that I started my summer internship with EdLab about 1 year ago from today! I missed you guys a lot! I just finished the first week of my new summer internship at LinkedIn and of course I kept thinking back to my first week at EdLab! I'm having a fantastic time at LinkedIn but I always keep EdLab in mind. I loved talking about EdLab during the past school year to people who asked what I did over the summer. I brought up everything from the projects to the people, from the activities to the culture. I never did get to ...
Here's a controversial article by Andrew Hacker about the importance of algebra (and other basic mathematics) in the future of education. A lot of my math-savvy friends and I are quite shocked by the claims in this article. What do you think? Does Hacker have a point here?
This was an interesting piece I saw on the Huffington Post today. I brought this up in the meeting about NLT's Visualized - Ed section.
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