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WordPress is not the only great tool we use to develop Pressible. We also rely upon the jQuery Javascript framework as well as some other JS tools. Javascript allows us to control our design and user interaction more fluidly, and jQuery allows us to do it quickly. WordPress now ships with jQuery installed, not to mention a few other fine JS frameworks, so it's even easier to get our designs realized. The design area where jQuery plays the biggest role in the Pressible experience is in the sub-header. The sub-header deafults to displaying 3 topics each showing one post.
Apple has removed MIT's Scratch App from the iTunes store. Many folks in the educational and creative programming fields are pretty upset by the decision. There doesn't seem to be a clear reason why but this blog post touches on it. I am sure many of you remember the Scratch seminar held at the Lab last year. I personally think it is a fantastic tool and it's a shame that it can't be used on Apple's touch devices.
11 years ago
According to this link on the LOC blog the Library of Congress has acquired the entire archive of Twitter messages, 167 terabytes of data!
We have fortified ourselves with Pringles and chocolate-covered pretzels, and we think we might ALMOST be done debugging 1.2. It's coming... momentarily!
Pew Internet has just released Future of the Internet IV. I have been perusing it on this fine Sunday and recommend it to everyone in the Lab. It is broken down into questions that were asked of 895 thinkers and critics and provides excerpts of their written answers as well. The sections are as follows: Will Google make us stupid? Will the internet enhance or detract from reading, writing, and rendering of knowledge? Is the next wave of innovation in technology, gadgets, and appli...
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This afternoon the Pressible team released Pressible 1.1. If you are using Pressible you should see the changes right now. The majority of the changes that were made were design-based or affect the code behind the scenes. We think this release makes the Pressible Theme look and function much more consistently. Some of the key changes made in this release: The addition of a Search function. Brightcove embed support for After Ed. The header now includes 5 image boxes, each box will display a cropped piece of an image tha...
11 years ago
Hi Everyone, I am participating in a workshop/exhibition at Cabinet Magazine's Gallery space in Brooklyn called 'Postcards From Gowanus'. The first part is a series of workshops that take place this Saturday in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn. Myself and any other participants will be documenting the neighborhood with only mobile phones and devices, shooting video, taking pictures, and recording audio. I will then turn it all into a piece for the exhibition. If you are interested in why I am doing this I can explain more in person. So consider ...
According to this article, Newsday has had 35 subscribers, in 3 months, sign up to pay for their website and it's news content, grossing $9,000. I think the Times is going to be just fine with their pay wall but stories like this make me wonder about the possibility for smaller, regional, newspapers who attempt the pay wall strategy.
According to this New York magazine post The New York Times is getting ready to announce a new pay model for it's online content. The article is fairly speculative about what the pay model will be, and mentions a possible deal with Apple based upon it's forthcoming tablet product. Would you pay for an online Times subscription? I would pay a fee for my NYTimes iphone app, but would be hesitant to pay for more beyond that.
I was reading this article on Information Architects web site about the features and design strategies IA expects to take hold in the near future. I found the following quote to be especially relevant to the Pressible project and wanted to include it hear as a point of reference. Instead of piling up features, web sites need to become more intelligent. Requiring less input and giving more feedback. Showing less random data and delivering more relevant information. I think this is a ni...