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Readability, which began life as a browser bookmarklet, has re-launched as a full blown web app with a very interesting business plan. The application takes content from a web page and presents in a format that is cleaner and easier to read. The new version now requires a subscription, starting at $5/month, but 70 percent of all revenue goes to the publishers of content, all a publisher has to do is register with Readability. Essentially this is paying for a publisher NOT to have ads on their site. I think this is a unique model for generating revenue...
Brian and I just had a meeting with one of our partners from the Arts and Humanities department where we discussed ideas about future features and iterations of Pressible. The Pressible team tries to focus on outreach with our existing users as much as possible so it is nice to be able to sit down and hash out some ideas and chat with them. Some of the ideas we touched upon were: A better system to allow for links back to a TC site, whether on the Pressible network or an external site (like the...
If you are on a Mac running Snow Leopard you can now update your software to include the App Store for OS X. It's pretty slick and has about 1,000 apps right now, including Angry Birds for the desktop!
10 years ago
Some of you may already be familiar with Sifteo, a project formally called Siftables, which grew from MIT's Media Lab. They have released their frist version and have a pre-order available. The idea behind Sifteo is to use a series of blocks to create games and learning tools for children, the blocks are tangible media devices which communicate with one another. Children can use these blocks to solve problems or play simple games. While software is certainly king in the ed tech realm I am personally excited by the possibilites of hardware in tandem with...
10 years ago
While that title may be a bit dramatic, this article points out the very real danger that RSS as a technology faces. The article outlines how strong a tool RSS can be when implemented well. I agree that the lack of use of RSS has to do with a lack of understanding and implementation rather than it being a bad technology.
Mapping America: Every City, Every Block is an ambitious project from the New York Times that maps available census data from 2005-2009 onto a searchable and scalable map of the United States.
The Google Chrome team and the illustrator Christoph Niemann created this online book about the basics of how browsers and the Internet work. It's very playful and looks great, also it is made just using HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript.
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The Kno is a textbook tablet designed for and targeted to the higher education market. It has two screens and opens like a textbook. The creators claim students will be able to take notes and organize their lives using the Kno. It is priced from $599-$899 which makes it a bit more expensive than an iPad, and that excludes the purchase of e-textbooks.
I came across Open Bookmarks via its creator James Bridle. The project aims to create a standard format for sharing reader information from e-books. The wiki outlines some sparse uses cases, as well as discussing the project in greater detail. I can think of a few applications where readers could share research or citations from e-books and e-journals.
10 years ago
Here is Diane Ravitch's review of the documentary Waiting for Superman. This seems to be along the lines of most reviews I have read, only she uses examples and research to refute many of the films claims.