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6 months ago
Virtual reality is a showy piece of digital technology promising a future of immersive experiences, both educational and entertaining. Yet, it's been around for nearly two decades and is still disappointingly expensive, awkward, isolating, and sometimes straight-up unimpressive. Why is this? I've reflected quite a bit on the ineffectiveness of VR while trying out and searching for new experiences for the HTC Vive, because while I have had maybe two or three spectacular VR experiences, especially when compared to the speed at which AR is improving, most VR programs I've tried have elicited t...
Inspired by the conversation my group had during the DnR about Montessori schools and self-directed learning, I found myself looking through a set of YouTube videos from this one school called the Bowman School in Palo Alto. The Montessori method is typically pretty against utilizing digital technology for learning, and the Bowman School is no different. However, as it's in the heart of Silicon Valley, of course it includes coding in the curriculum, starting from Kindergarten. There have been articles we've posted in High 5 over the years about how Silicon Valley parents and tech moguls
Thank you all for participating in our prototyping event yesterday! We hope you had fun and learned a few interesting things about TCR :) Here are some of our favorite photos!