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Hi Dan: I had a chance to review the docs you gave me. Alas, given where I stand pre AERA (and post Gary), I don't think I will be able to make it tomorrow. So, for what its worth, here are my comments. They range from the general to the specific.... 1) Fantastic idea. Much needed. Wish I had it. The only conceptual issue you may face is that a lot of what this needs to do is content management/work-flow type functionality that frankly is desperately needed at TC in other contexts. So the back end of Doc.Life feels like it can/should be used for other purposes (e.g. File content ...
Hi. I am pretty new to EdLab, so this may have already been discussed. But has anyone played around with GMU's Zotero? If so, I'd love some feedback. Thanks!
Hi, its nice to be a new member of the EdLab community. In addition to my dissertation and NED, I have been thinking about the state of Social Network Analysis tools. SNA is only going to grow in popularity as an analytic technique. But I can remember as a newbie being struck by the fragmented state of tools, and the lack of a comprehensive, easy to use, application for collecting, visualizing, and analyzing social network data.