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University campuses are becoming incubators for entrepreneurship. Young people can make their dreams come true by taking the encouraging, inspiring, and practice-oriented classes. These classes, which serve as launchpads for startups, train college students who lack experience yet are full of passion to become fresh-faced business leaders. Can entrepreneurship really be taught? There are numerous testimonies from student entrepreneurs who took those classes and developed their first product from scratch. Successful stories include Pulse (media delivery),...
Ten years ago, it might have been true that teaching and tutoring in schools was the only source of income as a teacher. Now, thanks to technology, teachers are able to earn extra pocket money. The idea of “sharing as a business” has helped teachers like Deanna Jump and her education philosophy become popular, as well as brought her a huge extra income (she's currently earning $60K per month on Teachers...
The effectiveness of personal devices (e.g., tablets) on learning outcomes is a heatedly debated issue among education professionals. A recent report by Ine Consulting offers some positive insights into the matter. Studying a high school in Kent, UK, whose curriculum was heavily incorporated with iPads, researchers interestingly (yet not all surprisingly) discovered how the iPad assists learning in classroom. Subjects
8 years ago
Flower has always been a popular theme in children's art all over the world. Flowers Of Haiti (1957), by Sonia Ramponeau Flowers (1957), by Michael Gilead Flowers In Bright Colours (1957), by Ingrid
8 years ago
Ideas, speeches, dialogues.. Sparks of freedom permeated in "the Cradle of Liberty" Faneuil Hall, Boston (c.1920) Liberty is... A mission that some people died for. Bunker Hill Monument...
8 years ago
Pagoda of the Beauty of the Dragon, also called Longhua Temple, is one of the most popular historical sites for tourists in Shanghai. Circa 1920 Circa 2010 Can you see any difference over the past nine decades?
I recently received an email from Udacity as part of their promotional efforts on its new statistics course by Professor Sebastian Thrun. Hi Lu Wang, I am writing you to ask a personal favor. I am trying to break the student record for the largest online class ever taught with my new class "Intro to Statistics", which will begin June 25th. Sign up, forward this e-mail to your friends and family and let's set a new record! The marketing strategy being adopted by Ud...
8 years ago
There are always hidden surprises in archives. I recently found this nostalgic slide in the Gottesman Libraries video art collection. This reminds me of those old school days when teachers used the early generation of projector (see picture below) for slide shows before classrooms started being equipped with those technologies that we use today.
8 years ago
I recently came across an interesting survey done by Joan Ganz Cooney Center on teachers' attitude about using digital games in classroom. Several points pinpointed in the survey results deserves our attention. General Attitude More than half of K-5 teachers (57%) report higher usage of digital games in classroom than middle school teachers (38%). 32% use games 2-4 days a week; 18% use them everyday. Benefits to Students 70% teachers agree that using digital games increases motivation and eng...
9 years ago
For high school students who applied for college admission and received good news from more than one school, a new challenge they are facing now is how to choose the best one. Financial burden is a large part of their decision. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently introduced a new tool to help students solve the problem. It allows students to compare their first year college spendings and help them get a more financially realistic view on their college options. Check it out!