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Mobile phones just keep getting more versatile in Japan. With cellular phone in hand, Japanese consumers can purchase from vending machines, buy train tickets, order a bowl of noodles, trade stock, bid at online auctions and change channels on a TV set. Read Full Article
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Virtual Communication Expression & Lifestyle, a small startup firm, unveiled VcellVibes, a social networking service for cell phones. The downloadable Java application allows users to create a profile on their Web sites, download the application on their cell phones, and send an invitation for friends to join. Users have control over their profile either from phone or from a Web browser. They can leave comments on both Web and mobile profiles, plan group activities, as well as offer voice commenting and free text messages. For more i...
14 years ago
High schools need a relentless focus on the results that matter for student success in the 21st century according to The Partnership for 21st Century Skills (the Partnership). The Partnership issued a new national report, “Results That Matter: 21st Century Skills and High School Reform,” outlining a compelling framework for 21st century learning that focuses on the results that matter for today’s high school graduates.  The report is available for free and can be downloaded here (PD...
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The Teaching Support Group has a new blog ( Please feel free to contribute findings and comments related to teaching and learning or professoriate in higher education to the blog. Lin
I thought to share the following note about the Integrated Projects Week (IPW) from my son Lu's teacher Linda Vasu (with Linda's permission), because I think that The School at Columbia is good at using the local resources as a learning community besides taking advantage of new technologies. Each semester, the school has an Integrated Projects Week (IPW). In IPW, the kids of different grades mix, form a group of 5-6 kids each, and conduct a project with a particular theme for a whole week. Kids get to choose what themes they prefer and there are different projects, e.g., touring, drawing, c...
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Columbia University to Create a New Public Secondary School Specializing in Science, Math and Engineering, in Collaboration with the City of New York
15 years ago
At Educause meeting, James Hilton catalogs the threats and opportunities that technology presents for higher education. more
15 years ago
Dr. Mark Phillipson, current Association of Research Libraries Fellow at Columbia University Libraries, has been profiled in the Chronicle of Higher Education ( and the New York Times for his use of wikis and collaborative web sites in his courses. In his spring 2005 Romantic poetry course, Dr. Phillipson's students constructed a public wiki called the Romantic Audience Project 2 (