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I came across Nina Simon's blog, Museum 2.0, while researching ways to establish a video kiosk for various upcoming exhibits at the ed lab. In this post she argues that constraints provide better participatory experiences. What does this have to do with video? Well, I immediately thought of Dan's video kiosk. He described the kiosk having a very simple user interface. The user would find an on/off button controlling a camera. This simplicity might promp...
As the 'Grow what you eat' event approaches, the need to promote this event has been on our minds. In addition to grabbing the attention of students at Teachers College, how can we bring in the general public? Just from my first impression of TC, it seems that many students don't have an idea what EdLab is about, or that it even exists. So I think a little self promotion is necessary. As we think about transforming the workspace to be more inviting to visitors, let's think about some fun marketing ideas. I'll just throw out an idea that I have been researching a bit. Have you heard of spra...
Just want to remind everyone about the Edlab Garden seedling giveaway event tomorrow from 12:30-2pm on the 2nd floor collaboration space. This event features urban gardening tips, local green resources and free edible seedlings. For more information please visit this link for more information. See you there.
Hello Ed Lab, I am the new design intern at EdLab. So excited to be here and meet everyone! Just from looking through the bios, I am amazed at the vast and diverse experiences that you all bring to the table. I anticipate a fantastic 2 months here. If anyone has advice (I am a California girl new to New York), ideas, or just to chat, please stop by my desk. Cheers, Laurel
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