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7 years ago
Link: THE SCIENCE BEHIND YOUR IDEAL WORK ENVIRONMENT. I want to share this blog post. This does not really talk about library space but the ideal productive environments is interesting: ambient noise, dim light , individual messy desk and warm room is the perfect work/ study environment.
I did several user testing for a website, mobile applications, tablet applications and my thesis project during this semester. My design process revolves around an idea, research and analysis, rapid prototyping, user testing, visualization, and iteration. From the prototyping step, user testing was involved in every step and I could evaluate and iterate for better solutions. I started with the paper prototype and tried interactive prototypes with different kinds of tools. I learned a lot about users' perspective and mistakes from their experience. In the process of user testing, researching...
The Ages of 1 Million New York Buildings, Mapped in Explosive Color John Metcalfe - The Atlantic Cities
Amazing Concept: Phoneblocks -It would help reduce e-wastes and also help people customize their phones.
This Appmachine helps people without technical training build things like websites, apps and games. As a designer, it looks like the beginning of the end for designer and coder. Pros: It is well built in simple mobile app. It looks like a very easy and simple process. I think it is good for prototyping something, but not designing. Cons: But I don't think this has much to do with design at all. It also costs over $1,000. If I were an emplo...
Processing Processing is "an electronic sketchbook for developing ideas." Processing also offers a way to learn programming through creating interactive graphics. Among possible ways of learning code, I think students can find motivation in immediate (in real time) visual feedback. Tweak Mode- This is awesome. You cannot type anything while running the app, but you can drag the number values to change them. I think this is a big step up for code tools.