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5 key takeaways from the journalism and entrepreneurship conference at CUNY. Many people say the internet and digital media has destroyed journalism, but I say it has humbled it. I recently attended a conference on journalism and entrepreneurship at the CUNY School of Journalism, and I want to share some key takeaways that can be adopted by us as publishers, designers and developers. 1. LEARN WHERE YOU AUDIENCE IS AND REACH THEM THERE- It is not the audience’s job to find your ...
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“You look stressed. Would you like me to slow down?” These are not the words of a human, but the words of a machine. Can you imagine your smart car saying that to you? Can you imagine your phone interpreting your feelings and initiating responses based on your facial expressions? Think about the possibilities for publications, education and advertising if we had analytics data that included the audience’s emotional responses to articles, journals, social media campaigns or exams questions in school.