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Hey Lab. I'm posting this for some friends. It's a Call for Designers (but they definitely define "designer" loosely and all interested should apply). The program is called Making Policy public. Also be sure to check out this popular project from last year. This series is run by an organization called Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP). They focus on teaching all things city related to kids in schools (mostly hig...
11 years ago
So I was looking at a book (I highly recommend it) last night and I noticed something. On the UK Amazon site, the recommendations of other books I may like were different than the recommendations I got from the US site. And in fact, I liked the UK recommendations better! Never knew there was regional taste represented in their data. It makes sense from a business sense however, but more interesting it acts as an oblique cultural lens. See Examples:
Hello EdLab, I'm a new resident in the EDAR program, I figured I'd say hi and type a post. I'm on the bolt bus, and it seems if there ever was a time to blog.... So I don't know about you guys, but I've started to notice people including a "colophon" section to their blogs, eg: Here's what wikipedia says: It seems like a technological bibliography of sorts. Like all bibliographies and such, it's an interesting view deeper into the guts... I wonder what a huge EdLab colophon would be?
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