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14 years ago
I've created this blog for individuals to give feedback on the collaborative design process (CDP). Please comment on elements of the process (including facilitation, space, equipment) that you found ineffective or helpful. The more specific you can be, the better. After we hear from everyone, we will think about ways to improve the CDP. Please be critical. It is the only we can enhance the process.
Someone I know is in the process of becoming a certified NYC teacher and he was required to take two online workshops (The links are and I haven't logged in to see the content, but from what my friend described, it is nothing special. I wonder if it make sense for TC/the Library to get into this market. Perhaps the first set of course modules we build could be around these topics.
Lin did a presentation for 15 faculty members at Seton Hall a few weeks ago titled, "Building Online Community Through Dialog." I think it has some interesting implications for any type of Social Scholar software we might build. For instance, how can we rethink the current array of online dialogue tools to better support the type of networked communication we are envisioning for Social Scholar? The PowerPoint slides also included some helpful strategies for facilitating online discussion boards. Is this something we should offer to TC faculty/instructors in the form of a workshop or online...