13 days ago
For the past few years various agencies have been reporting on the rise in print book sales and the drop in e-book sales. According to a recent Nielsen survey the increase in print book sales was due to "children's fiction and... younger generations preferring physical books to e-readers." Will this trend persist? Will...
4 months ago
In your groups identify a "wicked" problem upCREATION participants can grapple with to develop analytical frameworks, collaborative strategies, and comprehensive approaches to solving problems. For your problem: i. write a detailed description of the problem (no more than one paragraph) ii. create a visual representation/sketch for the problem (hand drawn preferred) iii. create a vialogue that will help participants better understand the problem (add the #upCREATION in the title). Be prepared to present your group's "wicked" problem to everyone.
4 months ago
Check out this excerpt from the book," Wicked Problems: Problems Worth Solving" by Jon Kolko. It describes ten characteristics of "wicked" problems and posits why we don't focus on solving them.
5 months ago
Students in Gary's class have been working in teams to create online learning experiences on emerging forms of online learning. Examples include: - Personal Learning Networks - Immersive and Interactive Environments in Education - Internet of Things (IoT) - Adaptive Learning In your triads, review the two emerging forms you have been assigned. Please respond to the following questions for EACH online resource in the comment section below: 1. What do you think are the learning/teaching goals for each online learning opportunity? 2. What theory or approach to learning do you...
6 months ago
Students in Gary's class have been working in teams to create online learning experiences on four "borrowed" form of online learning: - Courses - Schools - Workplaces - Libraries At today's seminar we will examine the online learning opportunities created by the students in Gary's class. Team A (download the attachment from PocketKnowledge and open in Chrome) Team B Go here Team C http://findyourresource.x10host.com/ Team D http://rhizr.com/r...
8 months ago
Check out this story about Telefonplan, a Swedish school established in 2012 in Stockholm. The Swedish free school organization Vittra worked with designer Rosan Bosch to "explore how pedagogy, school organisation and design of the environment could be considered holistically." Instead of classrooms, five "environmental elements" were created: 1. The mountain top 2. The c...
8 months ago
After a five-week delay, the U.S. Senate confirmed Dr. Carla Hayden as the 14th Librarian of Congress. Check out this story from Good to learn about the historical significance. ...
10 months ago
Check out this story about Sesame Ventures in the New Yorker. Some of the more interesting excerpts: ...Sesame Ventures anticipates helping the Workshop to approach digital technology in the same experimental spirit with which it once approached TV, and to prepare it for future technological shifts. (referring to Sesame’s founding) ...“This place started as a disrupter. We started not quite in our garage, but not in these offi...
a year ago
Check out this story about DeepDrumpf, the Donald Trump bot. Bradley Hayes, the MIT researcher who created it, used a recurrent neural network to build the Trump simulator. The project sounds similar to Tay, Microsoft's AI chat bot. I look forward to the creation of the TCR poetry bot (to be build this summer by one of the Learning Theater interns).
a year ago
Check out this story on Finnish libraries. Apparently, they are in the business of creating experiences. Patrons can borrow "bikes, chairs, outdoor social games, and traditional instruments".