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Talks are beginning to be announced for The Next HOPE, which is hands down the most informative, most fun conference I know of (full disclosure: I'm on the speaker selection committee -- because I love this conference so much.) I highly recommend that everyone from EdLab try to make it down to the conference, which is held at the Hotel Pennsylvania, right across from Penn Station, July 16th-18th. Don't think hacker issues apply to you? Think you're not technical enough? Let me try...
When an angry cartoonist says so (and the comic becomes a Twitter trending topic), you know it's time to let certain of your aspirations, like becoming the next Facebook, die a quiet death. The zeitgeist has spoken. What websites will you build instead?
11 years ago
Found a great Onion article via good ol' Lenore Skenazy, whose Free Range Kids blog sent one Media Show episode viral a few years back. The article: "Increasing Number Of Parents Opting To Have Children School-Homed." It's good satire on the conflicting pressures on parents to be expert in child-rearing. The last line? "Though school-homing has proven to be an ideal solution for millions of uninvolved parents, increasingly overburdened publi...
We got word this weekend that The Media Show's episode about Photoshop is a semifinalist in the Media That Matters Film Festival! The episode is one of twenty chosen out of 500 submissions!
I continue to insist it's Henson's studio. Who else is playing with the medium this brilliantly? OK, well, they appear to have been
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Good morning! It's time for your daily dose of backtalk from your resident crankypants. I generally cannot say enough good things about Annalee Newitz, who has been writing about hacking, privacy, technology, sex, and science fiction for years. Yesterday she posted her thoughts on the iPad, and how it does not support a future that we, as educators, ought to be overly excited about: "The only way iPads can truly become futuristic devices is if we hack them so that we can pour whatever operating system we want inside. We need to jailbreak these media ...
Bob Noorda, who designed the signs for the New York City subway system, passed away earlier this month. Did you know he originally planned the signs to be white with black font, but it was determined they would get too dirty? Did you know they did maps of foot traffic to determine where to place the signs? We owe Noorda and his firm a great debt in our everyday New York lives!
The 1 Second Film is a film being produced one second at a time, with tip-jar style donations from everyone from celebrities to everyday people. Neat!
(ok I just posted that so you'd know how you ought to be reading that headline) I've just received word that I'll be running a workshop on The Media Show at the
11 years ago
Today's seminar on typing tutors put me in mind of my favorite typing tutor ever: Typing of the Dead. It's basically a typing game grafted onto successful zombie shoot-em-up series House Of The Dead. I like to call it the best thing to ever happen to typing tutors, the worst thing to ever happen to first-person shooters.
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