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Check out this game by Michel Gagné: Video Games | Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet | Exclusive Extended TrailerXBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii
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Stephanie, Molly, Laurel and I, together with the entire design squadron, have been thinking a lot about light, and how modifying the lighting conditions in our workspaces can help create a great atmosphere. As these talks take place, the 80/20 aluminum modular construction system arrived at the lab (which we will use for installations). Today I saw these images of an exhibition about the geological history of the island of Manhattan, which is a beautiful and effective display. I noticed that the design works so well in part because of a combination of smart of use of light and structure, ...
This morning (Monday) you all found on your desk a copy of "Ed Libs," which looks like this: We will use your answers for a fun activity during this week's seminar , so please complete it and give it to Stephanie H. before tomorrow noon (Tuesday).
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Two initiatives that attempt to bring design to address problems challenges in education. On the one hand, the prestigious design firm Pentagram is contributing murals for The Library Initiative. See more here: Murals for School Libraries Maira Kalman's murals for the library at P.S. 47 in the Bronx represent the alphabet with an unusual collection of artifacts. On the other hand, the Open Architecture Network is calling for their 2009 ...
What would a renovation for the 5th floor consistent with the EdLab's spirit of innovative-experimentation-without-a-suit look like? After last week's seminar, I pondered on this and the ethereal nature of the lab along with other important questions when I found Nothing, a new commercial creative agency in Amsterdam. Check out their amazing cardboard office.
The 2007 National Survey of Student Engagement finds once again that American students are not as engaged by their education as they could be. The study's main finding is that students who engage in "high impact" learning experiences in collaborative environments report much higher levels of educational engagement than their peers do. The NSSE Survey concludes that schools should structure the learning environment so that students can engage in more collaborative, high impact work. Our group ask...
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14 years ago
Download super cool brushes for Adobe Photoshop featuring Japanese textile motives for free here. A great tool for a professional looking DIY approach to design!
The tasks of archiving, searching and retrieving video material presents specific challenges. It shares with text documents the problem of its duration in time; but unlike text documents, its content is not searchable without tags. On the other hand, it shares with still images the possibility of preview in thumbnail. However, in the case of video files, the thumbnail captures only one moment in time (not necessarily the most representative). I searched the web for video archives and I found the following: