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Ilta-Sanomat has an amazing online visualization tool for their news. It is worth exploring the various options, including criteria for organizing the news, moving back and forth in the timeline, and hovering over each item to reveal data about it. The tool itself comes in an English version, but the news content is all in Finnish. I wonder if there is a way to use this tool with other types of content.
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Via Frederik, yesterday I learned about Google's Art Project: Street View applied to museums.
A while ago I posted on the beautiful and clear ReprintMe. Ankit perspicaciously commented on the great flow of the website. And that's its great strength: the site is structured as a story made up of short paragraphs, punctuated by images, that moves forward at a pleasant pace as one scrolls down. It's a website story. This is the same strategy folks at 37signals use for their websites, and, differences in media aside, their books follow a similar narrative rhythm.
I love what Rudd Studio did for the Channel 4 branding. I wonder if we can do something like that for the new EdLab brand. Channel 4 Branding 2010 from ruddstudio on Vimeo.
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RePrint has great letter size weekly and monthly calendars that you can print on the back of your misprints. And, by the way, the website's design is awesome!
Next Thursday, Nov. 18, Jer Thorp (EDAR Alum) and others will be speaking at this TimesOpen 2.0 event. Registration is free. I'll be there, anyone else coming?
Over the past few weeks, I have been in conversation with Brian and Andrew about new directions for the M. W. Offit gallery space on the third floor. We quickly agreed on a few things that we want to see happen: optimize the space for display of digital content; develop and experiment with data visualizations, and feature original educational research produced at the college. Based on that, we came up with an idea for a program which we are very excited about. The idea is to bring in artists to generate data visualizations on research produced at the college. We can work with the visiting...
Google is giving away 10,000 GoogleTVs to web developers. We should request one! HERE
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