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The news one icon at a time. Great idea; ok execution. Iconstime
Researchers at Oxford University have created a custom-built programmable 3D printer that can create materials with several of the properties of living tissues.
The stars were out of line last night, so the Design Gem arrives today, Thursday. It comes courtesy of the talented folks at Smith. What I like about their work is how they do data visualization. I found it inspirational for our Data Dashboard project. Check out Umbel, MyEdu, and Dell Social Innovation Challenge.
If you want to be a typeface snob these days, just praising the rational elegance of Helvetica or snorting with derision at a use of Comic Sans is not enough. Yes, Garamond is a classic of balance and clarity, and Papirus is an offense to good taste and human dignity, but nowadays everyone knows this...
It's Wednesday evening, EdLab. This means it is time for me to share a special design gem. You see, every Wednesday evening I think about one of these, and I think I should share it with everyone. Well, today I am actually sharing. And perhaps, if the planets are aligned the right way, I will share more next Wednesday evening too. This week: Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola (yes!) for Prada. Prada Candy L'Eau Episodes 1 and 2.
Looking up what noted Teachers College philosopher, Prof. George Counts, had to say about learning, I stumbled upon an interesting company: Learning Counts. They seem to offer a service that resonates with our EdLab ongoing discussion on learning paths (see, for example, this Research Digest entry, and, of course, Edfluences). According to their website, this is how the service works (verbatim): Get Adv...
For those interested in design from the point of view designers, you should check out Design Matters on SoundCloud. Above: sketch of Maria Popova's Design Matters interview by
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Our 'learning potential' should outweigh credential-packed resumes," claims Gabrielle Santa-Donato in her recent Ed Surge article, The Exhilarating Chaos Between What We Know and What We Don't. Her example of choice to illustrate this point is the case of Charles and Ray Eames. The story is that IBM approached Charles Eames to design the World Fair. The t...
Creative Applications Network, with their great sense to find and feature good projects, just released their list of Best and Most Memorable Projects of 2011. EdLab EDAR alum, Jer Thorp's "Cascade" made it into the list.