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GIFs to start the week right. Thank you to the artist, FLORIAN DE LOOIJ
To celebrate the impending weekend, EdLab, I give you the gift of Aakashi Nihalani's gorgeous interactive projections. Enjoy.
Riccardo Giraldi, creative director at Microsoft, promises that Hololens is the beginning of a new era of holographic computing. We shall see.
Things change. King Ashoka converted to Buddhism after witnessing mass death by the army he commanded at the Kalinga War. After years of supporting the policies of No Child Left Behind, Diane Ravitch grew disillusioned and became a vocal critic. Room 105 of Russell Hall used to be beloved glass case by the library front desk where patrons would go to scan their documents. Now, it houses the productivity powerhouse that is the Gottesman Libraries digitizing team. The sheer intensi...
Happy New Year! This nice little website features a few famous logos responding to changes in size. Resize the browser window to try.
Running an ongoing exhibitions program means you are always on the lookout for new and compelling aesthetic styles. What I love about the new show by Adi Goodrich at the Standard Hotel in Hollywood titled Like Thiiiiis? is that it is refreshing, pleasing in a heartwarming way but with an edge, and relatively easy and cheap to execute. EdLabbers, what's your opinion? Would you like to see an exhibit at the libra...
During my first year at Teachers College, I was lucky to have taken Maxine Greene's seminar on aesthetics and education. Her pedagogical strategy was simple: 1) She cultivated a life of aesthetic, intellectual, and moral growth with complete integrity; she lived in conversation with great books, welcoming provocative and strange ideas into her life (albeit not uncritically). 2) She shared that life with her students and colleagues. A philosophical conversation with Maxine was an invitation to think, to really think, to think as if for the first time.
Last week, a group of EdLabbers, Teachers College stakeholders, and architects participated in a series of exercises designed to understand the needs and possibilities for uses of space in the learning theater. For our team, which included Gary, Luke, and myself (also known as the superior team – equos superiores), one of the main insights yielded by the exercises was the importance of light for facilitating intelligent use of space (intelligent=according to the intentions of event designers, presumably leading to rich learning experiences, well thought out, and grounded in research and...
Studio FM Milano designs for the New Doha International Airport features not only beautiful icons, but also a meaningful process through which the geometry underlying the design was generated. The images below are more eloquent than any description of explanation.