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7 months ago
Seahorses, holographic sandboxes, plankton!This week I previewed the Oceans Unseen exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History (opens March 12th). It's dark, atmospheric, media-rich, and might generate a few bright ideas for anyone working on the Deep Sea event with Hollingworth in the LT.The exhibit opens with overhead projec...
Because companies need more ways to collect data on customers, the engagement platform Hurdl has created a wearable LED for concert-goers. Attendees are given an LED device at the door of their event and activate it through a series of questions over SMS. Devices illuminate different colors based on users' answers, creating a glowing crowd at the concert...
2 years ago
Jo and I are at NYU's Skirball Center for NY EdTech Week, a two day series of talks, workshops, open labs, and even some music, sponsored by the NYU Steinhardt School and their accelerator program, StartEd. Right now we're in the midst of a broad opening panel discussion on how to define innovation, achievement, engagement, and what that means for policy (basically everything), with: Jeanne Allen
3 years ago
Tonight George and I went to the Columbia Journalism School for the The Hearst Digital Media Lecture: The Future of Global Coverage and Audience Engagement. Kevin Delaney, the Editor of Quartz, spoke with Lydia Polgreen, the New York Times Deputy International Editor, about writing stories for a global audience. A few takeaways: In a discussion about mobile optimization, Kevin shared Quartz's international comparison of time spent on mobile versus desktop. It's interesting that readers in Nigeria, Kenya, and Thailand all spend significantly more time on mobile compared ...
4 years ago
There were lots of (read: probably too many) heated debates between prescriptivists and descriptivists over hyphens and the singular they at the copy editing conference I attended last week. I'm glad to see Buzzfeed captured everyone's favorite pet peeves. (I intentionally avoided being interviewed, but enjoy this nonetheless).
4 years ago
This is what a wheatgrass plant looks like as it's growing up. Thanks Diana for capturing this photo synthesis on the GoPro!
4 years ago
This animated video does a great job of illustrating how cool the Smithsonian Design Museum's Pen is. I imagine this could improve most field trips and would be a fun alternative to tedious work booklets and half-hearted "what did you learn?" conversations afterward. After experimenting with Pencil and now seeing Pen, I appreciate the cr...
4 years ago
ALL OF THE LINKS Because I don't have any formal education in design or illustration, putting together a Visualized draft involves experimenting with perspective, symmetry, and frequently squinting my eyes together and taking a step back to arrive at something I won't hate. Lately I've been trying to develop a better sense of color theory. I was a reluctant holdout on technicolor movies too. Aside from eyeballing hues and saturation levels, I've found the