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Thanks for your comment Joann, The hackathon was an invite only (We sent out out resumes and they were individual judged before we were allowed to participate). So the invited participants had to either form teams on their own before the event or form teams at the start of the event on Saturday. Yi and I had decided to team-up earlier and the other two participants were our respective friends. 2 factors come to my mind. First, the way they defined their problem statement and linked their solution to it. A well defined problem and a solution is easier to understand. Second, the presentation. I think we went a little overboard on the technicalities of our solution in the presentation. The judge who talked to us said the we could have made the presentation a little less technical and more application oriented. I think our solution was the most technically sound one, but we failed to define a specific problem and present an effective solution to it. (Aparently the judges cared more about "What" than "How", which I feel is absolutely correct in the tech industry today) If anybody is really a hackathon-addict-junkie, they will be able to find 3-5 hackathons happening in a week especially in a place like New york (I had actually got an invite from another hackathon last weekeend, but had to turn down because of the clash). But fortunately/unfortunately (Depends on the way we take it 😂) I am not one of the them. Weekend Overnight hackathons do take a toll on the body and sleep cycle and effect your entire weekend (even mondays)So currently, I am not registered for any other hackathon. But would definitely try to participate in others in the future provided time.
 Ameya Karnad3 months ago