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THINK Together Program is an after-school program located in Los Angeles, California. The program brings students together to learn skills that schools normally don't teach such as agriculture and various other service learning activities. The program not only help students with homework and school assignments, but aims to teach students the importance of community service. Feel free to comment your thoughts and keep the discussion going on Vialogues.
The following is a video on the effects of after school programs on developing students. In this video, various students share their thoughts and insights regarding their after school program. Most importantly, these students share why after school programs are important in their lives. Watch and comment your thoughts and keep the discussion going on Vialogues.
I've been doing a series on after school programs in the United States and across the globe. This video concerns the overall importance of after school programs. This video highlights the role of after-school programs and gives key reasons on why these programs help develop students. The video gives insight into learning development as well as student interaction.
This is another video from my series on after-school programs. Community Partnership For Youth Programs (CPY) is an after-school program located in Seaside, New Jersey. The program help students learn new social skills as well as life skills. The program also allows students to have role models and help them learn about leadership and responsibility. This video shows various students who participate in the program as well as parents' insight concerning the program. Feel free to comment your thoughts about the program.
This is another video about my after school program series. McDowell County is an after school program that help students improve their literacy. The video shows teachers giving insights about the program and the improvements in educational outcomes that has occurred as a result of the program. As cited by Literacy Rates Around the World, the United States ranks 26 in overall literacy. Programs like this really help students have a chance to catch up with their peers and that in turn help our global educational ranking. Keep the discussi...
The Vialogue below is a continuation of my after-school programs series. The Girls Education Program is a program that focuses on teaching of life skills to girls in Tanzania. In the video, one of the students, Rehema, shares her experiences as a member of the program. Comment and share your thoughts about the video and feel free to keep the discussion going on Vialogues.
This is my second Vialogues on the series I am doing about after-school programs. The video highlights one of the most talked about after school programs in the city, YMCA. In the video, students and instructors, talk about the benefits of joining the program. This program does a great job incorporating a learning environment as well as a playful atmosphere. Feel free to comment about the program on Vialogues.
I started a new series of videos related to After School programs around the world. This video shows an after school program in Ghana. The students there explain the importance of the after school program and how it's helping to bring the community together. What are your thoughts about the video? Feel free to keep the discussion going on Vialogues.
Today, Apple officially released the iOS 7 for its iPhone users. The new software comes with more tools to help make life easier. These are some of the features that caught my eyes: The Control Center is a new feature for the iOS 7 and gives you quick control to your most used apps, which can be viewed by just swiping up from the bottom of the screen. AirDrop is another new feature and allow users to share photos, contacts and videos at a faster rate all by just clicking on AirDrop. I love this feature because it's a faster way to share than previous methods such as email o...
Afterschool programs across the country are in danger of shutting down due to budget cuts. Afterschool programs benefit a lot of inner city students who may not have a lot of guidance or support at home. Afterschool Alliance states that students who don't attend afterschool programs are three times more likely to skip classes and three times more likely to smoke cigarettes or use drugs such as marijuana. This video shows the reaction from parents and students regarding the ca...