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Cool website I came across @ Stanford:
This is the complaint from an Anonymous TC student "Ed Smith" circulating around email lists: -------------------- Dear fellow student, Attached please find the related document. If you are a TC student affronted about the current tuition increase in the face of deteriorating instruction and poor student services you are subjected to at TC, I urge you to join this petition immediately! Each and every support for this petition can help to stop this tuition increase and strengthen TC students' voices to improve your and your fellow students' education at TC. Please pass this letter on t...
The Video game mixer was a great success. Gus made the comment that if there were any more people it would have been chaotic-- which is a good attendance metric for any party. The space, projectors and other technology worked beautifully. Special thanks to Hui Soo for doing so much of the setup work. I think we did a decent job cleaning up, but we will find out on Monday :-)
Related to a conversation I was having with some of the folks upstairs, I think this is a very interesting format for an EdLab video blog: RocketBoom.
The Collaboration Support System has been launched. Some improvements added today include: preventing people from requesting Additional services for same-day appointments (Library materials, Technology, etc). integration with library website & display boards. To use the system: Enduser interface (This site is also available from the Library homepage)
Ulises Mejias, a doctoral student in the CCTE program, is offering an interesting-sounding course this Fall at TC on Social Software . For more info, check out his blog.
Realizing that the Fall semester was fast approaching, I hurried this weekend to finish my final paper for Prof. Black's class. I mentioned this paper last month here on the blog, which using uses semantic analysis as a way of categorizing texts (using TCR as the text-base). The paper is included here as an attached Word file if you are interested. Abstract: The aim of this paper is to test both the practical use value and the psychological underpinnings of Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA), which is a statistical theory and method for extracting and representing the contextual meaning ...
Google has just released Google Talk, an IM program that is set to compete with AIM, MSN Messenger, and Yahoo's IM client. It might be worth installing this in the lab, and seeing what Google has brought to the game. I did read an article on MSNBC that indicated that Google employeed open standards when developing this tool, and that there is the potential of programatically embedding this tool in web applications. Let's stay on top of this as it may provide a means o...
Here is the most up-to-date project plan for the Collaborative Support System. It includes the sub-system for exporting a data matrix that can be used for analysis in 3rd Party programs. The end-user system will be deployed on September 1, 2005, and remaining administration features will be rolled out by September 15. GN & MR- please send approval via comment, and this will become the implementation doc.