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Thank you Hui Soo, Lin, and Brian H/K for all your help setting up the revised workspace (and thank you Dan for your patience while we get the space working correctly)!
I think this is a good illustration of the conceptual underpinnings of Web 2.0 (aka the next-gen web).
For the Social Software class I am taking this term, one of the things we have to do is contribute links to this CCTE Distributed Research database. Some of the contributions are interesting (it would take hours to go through all the links). One of the recent additions was this website called What Should I Read Next, which is a book recommendation system (somewhat like Amazon, but less comercial feeling).
I've added a feature to the library website where you can create E-Collaboration spaces separate from your room reservation. You can access the link off the Library homepage. I've also changed the setup of how Moodle spaces work (from Topics format to Social format), which I think will make make it easier to use. Spaces that you create here are also available-for-reuse when you book a room.
Frank, Anthony, and Michael have been exploring ways to define some new positions in the technology development group. One role that seems critical is that of solutions architect. This and other development team roles are discussed in a series of articles on Because our group is too small to have all of the roles specified, we are really looking for people who can perform in multiple roles. However, the skills of the solution architect seem essential for everything we are doing.
Interesting article on digital archiving Connell is one of a growing number of computer experts worldwide who believe that, far from a panacea that provides increasingly efficient answers to problems of recording, storing and retrieving information, technology is deeply flawed. They fear that rather than ushering mankind into a techno-utopia of paperless offices and clean, eco-friendly, endlessly flexible, virtual communication, it threatens to cast future generations into what Co...
Cool website I came across @ Stanford:
This is the complaint from an Anonymous TC student "Ed Smith" circulating around email lists: -------------------- Dear fellow student, Attached please find the related document. If you are a TC student affronted about the current tuition increase in the face of deteriorating instruction and poor student services you are subjected to at TC, I urge you to join this petition immediately! Each and every support for this petition can help to stop this tuition increase and strengthen TC students' voices to improve your and your fellow students' education at TC. Please pass this letter on t...
The Video game mixer was a great success. Gus made the comment that if there were any more people it would have been chaotic-- which is a good attendance metric for any party. The space, projectors and other technology worked beautifully. Special thanks to Hui Soo for doing so much of the setup work. I think we did a decent job cleaning up, but we will find out on Monday :-)