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As promised, I'm posting some links which relate to the post-platform technologies for education. I think some of these blogs start getting at those ideas. Also, as mentioned, Prof. Vausvedan is using Blogger and Ulises's Social Software Class has a whole slew of post-platform technologies in use. Blogs: Terra Nova: Collobarative weblog featuring several important scholars in the field. General focus is MMORPGs and social aspects of online gaming comm...
It looks like UCLA merges Information Studies and Education in more than administrative ways. Maybe it is not completely crazy for TC to tap into this market...
The Social Science Research Network has a number of features we discussed in the meetings regarding user/department rankings, refering people to recently read/posted articles, etc. It also allows for a digital briefcase and some other features. Unfortunately the layout and code seem poor but still worth a look. It requires a login which is free but to make it easy on everybody just use this: username: password: world854
i started thinking over some pet project ideas and i realized i didn't have a great sense of what we do and don't do. so i thought i'd spill out some of the thoughts running through my head when i was at work and see what comes of it :) i'm hoping something here will encourage interest from others. Please let me know what you think!!!
I came across a piece on multi-user virtural environments, and it reminded me of Jeff's comments on the UT library at yesterday's meeting. The article is Ketelhut, D. J., et. al., Extending Library Services through Emerging Interactive Media. Knowledge Quest v. 34 no. 1 (September/October 2005) p. 29-32
An article from the NY Times discusses Folksonomies and highlights delicious, 43things, and PledgeBank.
An article in October 05 Educause Review discusses Institutional Repositories. It mentions the lack of faculty motivation, and some strategies for dealing with it (call it a personal repository rather than an institutional repository). I will attempt to address all of the mentioned issues in the design document (coming soon), as well as some of cultural movements in the use of the web (this relates to the literature discussing Web 2.0).
Below are some of the "pet projects" that I am currently thinking about that I can work on at the EdLab. Please let me know your honest thoughts about this, as I encourage your comments. 1 + Increasing International Consulting Services in the EdLab This would involve working with Hui Soo to focus on consulting with international educational organizations in creating solutions for connecting with each other easily (virtually). Upon graduating from TC, I am possibly looking to go into International Educational Consulting, so this would provide a win-win situation for TC, the EdLab and my...
Thank you Hui Soo, Lin, and Brian H/K for all your help setting up the revised workspace (and thank you Dan for your patience while we get the space working correctly)!