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I was doing an investigation about which cloud service would be the best for us to deploy for the New Learning Times (NLT) project. Among the services I looked into, Google App Engine appeared to be a very unique one. The Engine has its innovative way of building, deploying and maintaining projects. Everything around developing including coding, compiling, launching and debugging takes place in an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that is picked against the project requirement. A very interesting feature about using the IDE is that the development instance always rests locally an...
Jackson, H.L. and Hahn, T.B. (2011) Serving High Education's Highest Goals: Assessment of the Academic Library as Place. College & Research Libraries, 72(5), 428-442 In this study, instead of the more traditional business model approach, researchers turned to the psychology of religion to assess library effectiveness in the academic environment. The idea is that the library is a "sacred space" in the sense that it's presence and atmosphere makes students feel more connected to the higher goals and missions of their institution. This feeling inspires them to participate more. Through ... is a website that helps, students and teachers alike, with a variety of math topics. One way this website helps students with math problems is through their forums, where you can ask questions relating to math and other people that are on the forums can help the student understand and solve. Students can also browse through the internet math library in the Math Help section and browse through math topics that has links to websites on the specific topic. One nice resource for the teachers on is the Teacher2Teacher section, where teachers can ask questions, or receive tips on teaching math. Another useful feature for teachers is the Teachers Exchange section, where teachers can look at curriculum from other teachers on a variety of subjects. This allows teachers to share their work and help their fellow teachers in the process. has many other resources to help students learn math, and help teachers teach math. The website also provides math related problems and puzzles users can solve, if they feel up for the challenge. Some of the puzzles are free to view but only if you sign up for a free account. I signed up for an account so I can play Ken Ken. I had a good variety of problems to choose from with different levels of difficulty. One feature that would have been nice is if the user can solve the puzzle on the website. All in all, is one website with the most resources in mathematics that I have seen so far, for both student and teacher. The forum setting makes the site feel like a community, where students, or teachers would not be shy asking for help, which is why is where people learn math together.
Library Lab is a mobile physical manifestation of a digital library and it includes modular units. Pretty cool, though the advert indicates it could be used in libraries as archives. It also seems like it's something that could live anywhere, particularly in rural areas, like a supermarket, mall or other high traffic locations.
In Romero & Ventura's (2007) paper, the cycle of applying data mining in educational systems, educators, academics responsible/administrators and students are the three stakeholders (refer to figure 1 in the paper), which interact with the educational systems. Based on student usage and interaction data, students can benefit from past similar learners' learning paths and experiences; educators can have timely evaluation of the effectiveness on the learning process and adaptively constructing instructional plans accordingly; academics responsible and administrators can have measures to better o...
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Edlab Review: Anki Description: Anki is an open-source flashcard program that uses spaced repetition (adjusted based on the user's confidence level) to maximize memory retention. This is old-hat for us at Edlab. But Anki is stricter than Brainscape, and it keeps you to a tight schedule, so that if you skip a day, you're just going to have to do that much work to catch up.
There are two major methods in designing a recommendation system: content-based method and collaborative filtering method. I would like to introduce some basic mechanism of the algorithms and introduce how these methods are been used in commercial products. First, let's talk about content-based method. There is a nice paper, "Content-Based Recommendation Systems," which talks about different content-based algorithms. It is a nice overview and gives the basic idea of each algorithms and their usage in practice. Content-based...
Like Arduino, BugLabs provides hardware modules and an integrated programming environment to rapidly prototype new device functionalities. "BUG is a collection of easy-to-use, open source hardware modules, each capable of producing one or more Web services. These modules snap together physically and the services connect together logically to enable users to easily build, program and share innovative devices and applications. With BUG, we don't define the final products - you do."
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USB 3.0: USB 3.0 has a date rate of 5Gbps data rate (compared with Hi-Speed USB 2.0's 480Mbps). A 25 GB HD movie will take just 70 seconds to trasfer while with USB 2.0, it'll take 13.9 min. More power will be able to go to the device (which will hopefully eliminate some of the power issues we see today with portable hard drives that require extra power from a second USB port). Plus, when a device's battery is drained, it will now still be recognized by a laptop, for example, so you can charge it (this doesn't work with USB 2.0). iPad 2: iPad 2 is 33 percent thinner than its predeces...
This article from "Technology Review" talks to the Editor in Chief of MacWorld about their "minimalist" approach to design. They've found value in maintaining a similar design to the site's original appearance (in 1999) not only for simplicity, but also for "legacy".
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