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Check out the EdLab TwitterRelated Works1. Using Graph-based Modelling to explore changes in students' affective states during exploratory learning tasks
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2 years ago
This morning the development team was discussing the merits of auto-save (as opposed to only saving user inputs after clicking on a Save button. This is a summary of what I think.The ProblemThere are several popular approaches to saving user inputted data but there's no obvious winner.People say when you are designing an application, you need to be consistent, but is that what people are doing (se...
As people age, the notion of having a role model seems ridiculous. Role models are generally associated with children. However, as adults, especially in these uncertain times, we can all use role models. In this piece, the Professor Susan Krauss Whitbourne (Amherst) makes such a case. She argues that society at large tends to ignore positive role models because it is simply not “sexy”. News stories and social media rewards negative behaviors (e.g. drunk driving, assaults) from celebrities by ...
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MIT Tech Review wrote an article to review Loeto, Servedio, Strogatz, & Tria (2017): Dynamics on expanding spaces: modeling the emergence of novelties. The researchers found a mathematical way to identify novelty/innovation from the language. This is great, isn't it? Perhaps we can use this method to measure the degree of novelty of the articles on TCR, NLT, and EdLab blog.
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