As we continue to mine data to help us better understand Edlab educational apps, library services, and users/learners/patrons, it is helpful to have a conceptual understanding about various kinds of analytics and their strengths for design and decision making. I ran into this presentation “
Has "personalized learning" been oversold? A new Rand study suggests that the recent wave of enthusiasm for personaized learned may be unjustified by the available empirical evidence. The Rand researchers found only modest gains in math achievement and no significant dif...
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This morning the development team was discussing the merits of auto-save (as opposed to only saving user inputs after clicking on a Save button. This is a summary of what I think.The ProblemThere are several popular approaches to saving user inputted data but there's no obvious winner.People say when you are designing an application, you need to be consistent, but is that what people are doing (se...