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It seems that our recent discussions about podcasting are not the only sign of renewed interest in this audio programming format. This article from Fast Company describes a new entrant into the world of short form audio. Adding audio to our publications and learning projects could be in our future.
5 key takeaways from the journalism and entrepreneurship conference at CUNY. Many people say the internet and digital media has destroyed journalism, but I say it has humbled it. I recently attended a conference on journalism and entrepreneurship at the CUNY School of Journalism, and I want to share some key takeaways that can be adopted by us as publishers, designers and developers. 1. LEARN WHERE YOU AUDIENCE IS AND REACH THEM THERE- It is not the audience’s job to find your ...
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Have you ever wished there was only a single level of categorization on Wordpress sites? The rockers over at RNDM have nailed it:
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As we take a break from our commutes for a few days, Episode 2 of An Audience of One is ready for your Monday morning return to the train. Is a train compartment a community?
Episode 1 of An Audience of One, which was previewed at our podcasting seminar. Episode 2 will be out next week. For background, see this blog post.
Hello all! Episode 1 of An Audience of One is here! ... and it'll be released via the blog on Tuesday, with a new episode airing each week thereafter. In the meantime, here's Episode 0, an introduction to the series, for your weekend listening pleasure. Feedback always welcome. More to come soo...
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I am so proud and pleased to share with you a new book written by my grandmother and translated by my mother! Memory is Our Home is my grandmother's diary of life in Poland before, during, and after WWII- covering a span of thirty years. You can read an excerpt here! I will also take this moment to promote that the book can be purchased through
We all know how hard it is to find free stock photos for our web projects or presentations. When you stumble upon them, they are actually pretty bad. Rest assured, I've found a resource that collects all the resources of stunning stock photos from professional photographers that are actually beautiful and without a person smiling and looking straight into the camera.
6 years ago
When you edit documents on BitBucket, you will use the Markdown syntax. Markdown is a new type of text-to-html syntax, which is comprised entirely of punctuation characters. The punctuation characters have been carefully chosen so as to look like what they mean. As I'm creating a long README file using markdown on BitBucket, I have to save the text from time to time. I do this in order to inspect what my latest input looks like and also to make sure all work is saved in time. However, I noticed sav...