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When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking. — Arthur Conan Doyle, "
Today’s headlines take a look around the world to see how schools are responding to the age of Covid-19. From primary to graduate schools, educational institutions and their students are negotiating what education should look like, what it should cost, and how to mark its levels of completion. As always, these headlines are taken from the front pages curated by
Good morning! Here are a few of today’s headlines covering attempts to contain the spread of Covid-19, a protest in Wisconsin turned violent, the collapse of police reform legislation in Congress, and diplomatic backlash over Israel’s plans to annex the West Bank next week. The headlines come to us courtesy of Newseum
Today’s headlines take a look at how people across the United States are planning for and trying to shape the future. Uncertainty about the present moment has prompted increased gun ownership in some states, and measures are being considered to deter their anticipated increased use. Meanwhile, the formal democratic process carries on as voters experienced assorted problems at the polls in yesterday’s primaries. For more on voting, check out the E-Resources in this
Today’s daily news focuses on stories of activism and action adjacent to the ongoing wider movement for racial justice and equality. While not directly related to the protests, all are relevant and valuable fights against unjust systems catered towards the privileged. All of the news stories presented are drawn from the front pages at
Today’s morning news is about continuing and evolving stories we’ve covered on this blog in the past. We'll try to continue covering the news as it develops. As always, all headlines come from the newspaper front pages curated by
Happy Father’s Day! Today, many are celebrating and featuring stories about fathers around the world. Plus, with summer officially upon us, some countries and cities are grappling with the loss of tourism. People are coming to grips with what summer vacationing looks like in a pandemic. These headlines were curated from Newseum
Hello everyone and happy weekend! Here is a collection of recent news from across the US. A number of communities are celebrating Juneteenth in a literary way by collecting literature from black authors. There is also hopeful news on the legal side as DACA is continued and bills for police accountability are in the works in many states. As always, these headlines come from
Happy Friday to all, and Happy Juneteenth to my fellow descendants of enslaved Africans! Today’s headlines look at the local impacts of two stories with international implications; the Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling in defense of DACA, and new policies around mask use throughout the United States. These headlines are taken from the front pages curated by
Good afternoon and I hope you’re having a pleasant Thursday. Courtesy of Newseum, here are a few of today’s headlines covering the aftermath of both the George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks killings as well as the Paycheck Protection Program’s performance since it was launched two months ago: