a month ago
Hi all.  These are my statistics for the year 2017.  Everyday I keep statistics and then record them onto one spreadsheet.  This way I just have to look at one spreadsheet and add it up.  Here they are.Number of New Books Received-504Number of New Books Processed-504    Number of Cafe Items-281Number of Missing Books Recovered- 2,289Number of Books Retrieved- 531Number of Books Shelved-701Number of Books Brought to Reserve-847Number of Books Brought to Hold Shelf-210Number of Books Rush Processed-77Number of Books Searche...
3 months ago
Our amazing resident artists Wearable Media Studios are holding free workshops to share some of their wisdom about combining data, fashion and wearable technology!Please spread the word RSVP zoe.logan@tc.columbia.eduThe incredible installation is on the 2nd floor, 
3 months ago
Happy Monday everyone! I wanted to share a few of my favorite photos from the Learning Theater ribbon cutting ceremony. Cheers!
3 months ago
A bold title? Not when you're talking about the Smith Learning Theater. In Gary's words, it "underscores our commitment to producing unconventionally collaborative, custom-designed, authentic learning experiences that are playful, valuable, and inspiring."With our Grand Opening this week, join us for An Out-of-this-World Learning Theater Experience—2PM Monday, Tuesday, and Friday....
4 months ago
At long last the official opening of the Smith Learning Theater has been scheduled for October!In the coming week there will be previews of the opening event - "AN OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD INTRODUCTION TO THE LEARNING THEATER."We hope that EdLab alumni and friends will be able to join us for one of these previews.  Just go to the Learning T...
The only thing certain in this world is….Taxes? Who wants to talk about taxes in September? I can tell you who is going to have to talk a lot about taxes in September - people elected to office in Washington D.C. After that, they will follow up with budget conversations. This is why we have decided to focus our next Cafe Collection on understanding t...
4 months ago
While attending a conference for the Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change Project, I had the opportunity take a tour of the Steelcase Education Center.  Although the center is filled with terrific spaces and interesting applications of Steelcase products, there were several that particularly caught my attention for our own purposes.  Here are three that stood out.1 - Paper Tube Space Definer
6 months ago
As we continue to mine data to help us better understand Edlab educational apps, library services, and users/learners/patrons, it is helpful to have a conceptual understanding about various kinds of analytics and their strengths for design and decision making. I ran into this presentation “
7 months ago
You may have noticed that some carpet samples have started to appear on the 5th floor. This is the beginning of an experiment in which we will re-carpet several 5th floor spaces to try out some new carpet ideas for the coming re-carpeting of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors.  One of our ideas is to use a carpet product that enhances the overall feel of the library by taking advantage of new thinking about biophylic design, that is, design that con...
Did you know that April is School Library Month? The American Association of School Librarians takes this month to celebrate school librarians and their programming. The theme this year is “Because School Libraries Empower Students”.