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This guide covers the ABC's of copyright and fair usage, most specifically in educational settings. We will discuss the meaning and importance of copyright protection; look at resources that highlight the basic do's and don'ts; and point to advisory offices at Teachers College and Columbia University that can advise on the law's complexity.With growing scholarly open source and public domain materials in an unprecedented time of remote learning, we also will explore options for using and leveraging such freely available resources in coursework and research.
Although I am very young, I know it's significant for Al Raby, a teacher and civil rights activist, to deliver the
Welcome to the weekend news! Today's stories from around the US cover government spending and some potentially hopeful news regarding a vaccine and the re-opening of movie theaters around the country. As always, these headlines come from
Today’s headlines first look to the past with a survey of Tropical Storm Isaias’s path, and then to the future with disparate prospects for mail-in voting in November. These headlines are selected from the front pages curated by Indigenous Territory names and Treaty information are taken from th...
Good afternoon! Today marks the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. As such, we have an article on the survivors of the bombing. Additionally, there are articles on Saudi efforts to enrich uranium, two notable progressive wins in Missouri, and anger over the Lebanese government’s negligence concerning the ammonium nitrate that caused an explosion in Beirut. As always, these headlines come to us courtesy of
With incidents of racial injustice continuing to top headlines across the globe, we look to the history of Teachers College, Columbia University whose initiatives in the field of race relations draw inspiration. Race relations is the study of how people of different races or ethnicities relate to, live with, or behave towards each other -- sometimes as a way to help us understand the sociological and psychological nature of viole...
Today’s headlines lead with regional coverage of yesterday’s tragic explosion at the Port of Beirut. Next, we look at how states throughout the country are addressing disparities and preparation for online education as public grade schools reopen this fall. These headlines are selected from the front pages curated by
Today’s news includes some more stories from papers abroad as well as the US, including the abuse of migrant farm workers in Canada, a COVID-19 outbreak in Japan caused by US troops, and the mental health toll on Singaporean young adults. As always, all the stories you see here are collected from the newspaper front pages curated by
As the Summer of COVID and unrest continues, I’ve selected 5 stories of disparate outcomes among those trying to survive this nightmare. While the poor are forced to make impossible choices, the wealthy and connected continue not only to survive but prosper. It feels like stories such as these are the most important at this very moment as these events will have decades-long ramifications that we can really only speculate on at this time. As always, all stories have been taken from newspaper front pages curated by
Today’s news focuses on further effects of COVID-19 across the United States. Current issues include loss of tax revenue across municipalities and the particulars of the fall semester, including ADA accommodations and internet access for remote learning. As always, these headlines are courtesy of