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I may have already shared these links via email, but I just want to share them again via Pressible. :) I think I'm especially quite fond of these pieces because both shooters for these videos are actually very talented still photographers. If you are in the mood for some beautiful cinematography, great storytelling, and maybe some tears... watch these... Wright's Law was produced by Zack Conkle when he ...
Short, beautiful and probably relatively easy to put together.  A great example of capturing the experience without soundbites.
The socialist perspective in this best-of resource is very interesting!
I watched this video this morning and loved it. I'm dying to know what you guys think.
Evidently, trying to use a combination of using spanned clips (AVCHD clips from Panasonic AF100) and PluralEyes 3 to create a multicam clip is too much.  It just does not work.  We're going to *have to* use FCPX for a while. There are multiple instances of failure along the way. Importing spanned clips into Premiere - it's fine Opening the sequence in PluralEyes 3 (using Window -> Extension -> PluralEyes, once the extension has been installed) - fine Automatic transcoding in PE3 - fail.  Can't handle the MTS files.  Also, the first of the spanned clip...
10.0.6 update is bringing a lot of the features back from FCP7. But is it enough?