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For those of you who don't know, the Bulls were favored to win the championship last year and then their star player got severely injured early in the playoffs, crushing any chance they had last season.
On Monday, Laura, Luke, and I ventured off to the Intrepid Museum where we interviewed Luke Skywalker, a Storm Trooper, along with the VP of education, cute kids, and a tour guide. It was a really fun shoot and a reminder that SiNY is truly awesome. From museums to battleships, and from poetry workshops to kids building ships--- every shoot is learning experie...
Check out this NY Times interactive article showing how scenes from best picture nominees were assembled. Dissecting a Trailer
Check out this short video about artist Li Hongbo. It's pretty amazing what he does with paper.... Check this out as a way to display/curate a video. Also this song is awesome. Also this guy was born in 1994. Don't think about that for too long. New SINY style?
According to Jad Abumrad, this is 8 minutes of happiness.  But I would understand if you stop watching after a minute.
The talented Rauch Brothers work with Story Corps in animating these amazing true stories. If you haven't checked out the StoryCorps animated series, please do! The first time I watched it, it was on my first day at my last internship, and I was in tears! ha... It was the Danny & Annie episode. Their latest short (above), is actually not a tearjerker, ...
Luke and I are big fans of the series California is a Place. Please check out their site for some awesome narratives and beautiful cinematography. This one is one of my favorites.