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Woohoo it's my first post on the blog. Obviously I'll start with something Buddhist. This is a video about a really awesome person I practice Buddhism with, made by another really awesome person who does media for the SGI, the organization I practice with. Sort of explains Buddhism+her story. The series is called Buddhist in America. It's part of a larger effort to contemporize and bring the philosop...
To view a well done website that features well done short video pieces, please check out this site about The Art of Making I really like the simple layout of the website, but I especially like how beautifully shot the videos are! This video in particular has great detail shots, amazing use of aftereffects, and an overall simple short story of a dress. The way the credits were done were quite creative as well.
for the entire list of his gems
{{unknown}} {{unknown}} Hey if you have time check out a piece or two from this short documentary series by my buddies in Chicago. (The one called "snaggers" is by me!). I think these guys really know how to use silence in the narration well on some of these pieces. Applicable to SINY? Anyway, they also shoot on SLRs...sort of a quieter style.
A new toy from NAB 2013
I think I saw some of you watching this the other day.  The last shot is so incredible.