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1416949734 animation/projection mapping/motion tracking? not sure how this was accomplished but it's amazing!
with only like...4 can fit basically any slr lens onto your iphone, lock your iphones focus, and do all your focusing with the slr lens whaaat. the question is, by the time you get the cases and different lens adapters (plus actually having an iphone 4, or 4s for 1080p) is it really any different in price then an entry level hdslr?
coming in July. this thing looks insane. need it!
in today's seminar the idea of using google's street view to do cool/creative things with 3d printing was brought up. well, this isn't that, but it's another cool use of google's technology
so despite the untimely death of seapunk, i still find the visual aesthetic (layering generic/janky 3d computer graphics) to be amazing. here's a great example. any idea where these images might come from/what programs are used to generate them? i think this aesthetic should be incorporated into the SiNY videos.
bonobo came out with a new album a little bit ago, and my friend sent me this crazy animated music video for one of the songs on the album. i have no idea how it was done, seems like tons and tons of layers of chromakeyed video, but that's just a guess. it's insane.
Thank you for this mash-up, Interwebs.
I love this music video---not just because it's shot in the barangays of the Philippines, but also because of its beautiful cinematography, storyline, and the way it was edited. My cousin showed me this video last night and I was in awe! It led me to check out more of Rudimental, which is a electronic music quartet based in the UK. I saw their other music videos-- and they all are amazing! Different directors and crews for each one-- but great stor...
Here is an example of a very simple video site. It's the periodic table, and if you click on each element, it shows a video of that particular element. I think it could be a great tool for chemistry teachers. Can we make something simple and interacti...